Will there be season 12 of Shameless?

Will there be season 12 of Shameless?

The Shameless started on January 9, 2011, and ended on April 11, 2021, after a successful run. There are 11 seasons in all. Unfortunately, we have to let you know that the series is over. Season 12 did not come to the shock of the fans. The series’ protagonist, Frank Gallagher, is the father of a working-class Chicago family. 

The father drank so often that all six of his children suffered from it and his eldest daughter, Fiona, was responsible for the whole family. After Season 11 of shameless ended, many viewers didn’t want the series to end. 

Here is everything we know about season 12:

Season 12 of Shameless

According to showrunner John Wells, Shameless season 12 will not be updated. “I have no plans. After the show ended, John Wells told The Hollywood Reporter, “it’s a crazy world where people bring shows and characters to life. But we could create so many great stories with these people and great actors, writers, and directors. We are different from them. Not to mention that I will do many things that I am proud of and that we are all proud of. We never know. But we certainly don’t have a plan.” 

That was his comment. And they are not currently planning Season 12. The end of the series has also been announced in 2020, but it is not expected to end that way. John Wells admitted that he was “a bit disappointed, but not very upset” that the shameless was coming to an end. When the shameless 10th season premiered in January 2020, it was the last season that everyone was surprised and loved. The seasons are also available on Showtime. 

He also told THR that the show would be over because “I feel like the show time was over last season time and I’m happy to accept it.” Fans are really disappointed with this news. The shameless previous season is available on Amazon Prime Video.

How did season 11 of the shameless end?

For those who haven’t seen the previous seasons, the following paragraph contains spoilers. 

The Gallagher family has reunited at various crossroads in the past season. With the exception of Frank, the fate of all the central protagonists is kept secret. Frank died alone in the hospital because of COVID 19, alcohol, and memory problems. His children were completely unaware of their father’s death. The ending was so sad that didn’t answer many questions. At Alibi, Gallagher completed the final round. Ian and Mickey started talking about having kids, but we are not sure if they end up doing so. Lip is considering selling the property and Tami is pregnant again. V and Kev are on their way to Louisville.

Well, that’s why fans want another shameless season. Because there is no full disclosure of what happened to the children and the ending was unsatisfactory for them. Well, it’s sad again that there is no other season. All viewers can do is look at the previous one to relive with the Gallagher family. 


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