Why we would never get Legion season 4?

Why we would never get Legion season 4?

After the powerful mutant David Haller (Dan Stevens) tries to understand and control his limitless telepathy and psychic abilities, his body becomes weird, complicated, and psychotic. So basically, like the 70s X-Men comics, obviously inspired by that era. 

But while the local cartoon library is full of rare and clever things like Legion, the television scene really isn’t. Perhaps instead of asking why Legion Season 4 isn’t here, we need to investigate how it made its way through three seasons in the first place. 

However, there are some intriguing explanations as to why Legion was canceled, and there is a lot to learn.

It already reached a logical conclusion

Legion has always felt like a hit movie through its search for independent characters, and only time will be able to combine these two tones. Pausing after three seasons, FX has brought the series’ story into an almost simple three-part structure. 

There’s an opening act where you meet the characters, a middle act when things get crazy, and a third act where all the plot threads are linked together. There’s also a story circle to make the re-watch more enjoyable for fans. 

By creating this cinematic-style structure, FX reinforced the show’s ability to create a hit legacy, intentional or not. The show itself acknowledges it in a closing statement: “This is the end. Then there is the beginning. Then the end. We don’t know what this means. It is not for us to decide.” 

And all the protagonists have received a very satisfying ending, so we hope the story goes well.

20th-century fox was bought by Disney

The Cinematic Universe is very different from FX’s mutant TV shows, but it shows the treatment of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants (one has not been released and the other has not yet been released) by Disney. It would have been nice for Disney if everything in Fox had been wiped out by Scarlet many years ago. 

The odds of this wild and bizarre spectacle that exists with Disney’s next mutant incarnation are essentially less than zero. I’m not saying Disney is whispering to FX’s ears. And it is essential for Mouse House to finish the story before Phase 5. 

 Hopefully, that means Haller will be part of the MCU. Ask Dan Stevens to play it starting here.

Too complicated to comprehend

To quote another Marvel hero, “Great power comes with great responsibility.” And Noah Hawley certainly has tremendous power, and FX allows him to project anything that comes to his mind on a small screen. 

It works in the first season but in the second season, the wild shots weren’t enough to distract the audience from the fact that the story didn’t make sense. 

Season 2 is a bit like hearing someone explain a dream last night. Sure, there are some vibrant images, but not enough connections to keep things fascinating. As a result, the number of viewers has decreased significantly. This is disappointing as Season 3 has begun significantly. 

But that leads us to the next possible reason for deletion.

Dying fan base

Yep, just looking at the stats Legion is a big mistake. We know we still have hundreds of thousands of fans, and we are one of them. 

However, the show, which premiered with 1.6 million viewers and dropped to 288,000 in the penultimate episode, was not a success. It’s an expensive show to produce, and what’s amazing is that FX gave Holy the opportunity to end the story without canceling it in half. 


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