Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 to be canceled?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 to be canceled?

“Domestic Girlfriend” is an animated series produced by Japanese animation studio Diomedea known for “Ahiru no Sora”. The original manga series was written and illustrated by Kei Sasuga under the same name. The anime adaptation first heard on June 12, 2018, was released on MBS, TBS, BSTBS, ATX, and ATV from January 12 to March 30, 2019. 

Under Crunchyroll license, this series attracts viewers from all over the world. Viewers are currently worried about the show’s second season, whether is there a second season of the anime and when will it premiere? As you know, this series meets the age limit of the viewer and is not suitable for young people. The first season of the series, with its spectacular opening and music, was released in 2019, more than a year ago. 

Let us get a gist of the first season before jumping on the details of the second season.

What is domestic girlfriend about?

Natsuo Fujii loves her teacher Hina. Natsuo, to forget his feelings for her, goes somewhere to meet a strange girl named Rui Tachibana. After some bizarre events, Rui wants a favor from Natsuo and secretly escape with him. But he didn’t know that the road would be Rui’s house, and Rui asked Natsuo to be with him. This desire is not because he is in love, but because he just wants to live the experience. Natsuo hesitated and accepted the offer, thinking he might forget Hina. 

However, after this incident, Natsoo has new problems to deal with. His father decided to get married and Natsuo would have two half-sisters with this marriage. Unfortunately, he also knew these sisters. He recently learned that these two sisters are none other than Hina and Rui! From now on he will be living with his favorite teacher and his current lover. He falls into an unexpected love triangle and begins to enter adulthood.

So are we getting the second season of Domestic Girlfriend?

As of June 13, 2021, at the time of writing, Diomedéa or its affiliates had not yet updated the second season of the anime. We checked the official website and Twitter account. The only focus of the anime was the recent Blu-ray broadcast. No announcements of preparations and expansions for the second season have been made yet. While waiting for the official announcement, you can guess the possibility of the second season. We checked manga as well, which is the original content of anime, the only source material of anime, and the popular status. 

Last year, a fan asked Kei Sasuga, the mangaka of the series, about the second season. The answer is a bit upsetting to the fans. Sasuga is sadly weakening our hopes for the future, saying he has no plans for a second season. But there is no solid reason why creators shouldn’t make such plans in the future.

Do they have enough content for second season?

As said at the beginning of the article, this is an adaptation of the manga written and drawn by Kei Sasuga. The manga series published by Kodansha began appearing in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2014. You can also purchase the manga in English through a distributor of the same company in the United States. The manga on June 10 ended its release in 2020 with the final volume. It consists of a total of 28 episodes. 

The first season of anime consists of 18 volumes of the manga. There seems to be enough material for the second season. In fact, if the series can use as much source material as the first material in the second material, then the third material seems to be sufficient. However, anime can be produced to support the manga series or for promotional purposes. For this reason, there may be enough material, but it’s not easy to see the second part of the series.


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