Money Heist Season 5: This Is What The Episodes Titles Reveals

Money Heist Season 5: This Is What The Episodes Titles Reveals

The wait is finally over! Finally, the “Money Heist” continues. What clues do the season 5 episode titles give us?

Money Heist: How Awesome Does It Get?

“Money Heist” fans are already in the starting blocks because the successful series will finally continue from tomorrow. At least with the first part of “Money Heist” Season 5. The upcoming season will be split into two parts. Part 1 runs from tomorrow and contains five episodes, and Part 2 will be available from December 3, 2021. 

This also has five consequences. Since the season 5 trailer alone was brutal and violent, fans expect a lot. Now were the first five episode titles from titles “Money Heist” Season 5 have been dropped, and they have it all. After Nairobi, Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo, are even more members of the crew dying?

Money Heist Episode Titles Are Brutal

Faith, hope, death, rebirth, heaven, or hell are significant terms thrown into the room here. But what are the episode titles of “Money Heist” Season 5 exactly?

Episode 1: The End of the Road

Episode 2: Do You Believe in Reincarnation? 

Episode 3: Welcome to the Show of Life

Episode 4: Your Place in Heaven

Episode 5: Live Many Lives

As you can see, the situation is serious, tense and every next step (on both sides) has to be carefully considered. More characters will undoubtedly lose their lives, but could rebirth mean that a fallen character will come back? Is this an apparent death of an important figure? Question after question, but soon, some of them will be answered.

Are Alicia Sierra And Tatiana From “Money Heist” Related?

Have you already noticed that Alicia Sierra and Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana look somehow similar? Fans are, therefore, pretty sure that the two “Money Heist” characters are related. She could be the cousin, sister, or even twin sister who wants revenge or is helping Tatiana in some way? Some fans also believe that Alicia will have her child during the interview with the professor. He will help her and maybe even make her switch to the robbers.

“Money Heist”: Are Alicia Sierra And Tatiana One Person? 

Some fans are so convinced by the similarity of the two “Money Heist” stars that they suspect Tatiana and Alicia Sierra are one person! The small but subtle differences are intentional, as five years have passed since Tatiana was first introduced. Viewers are very sure that Tatiana will still play a significant role. Almost all the pictures we got from the set seem to be flashbacks, and Berlin’s son will also appear in “Money Heist” season 5. 

There is also some evidence for this theory: Tatiana knows all the secrets of the robbery because Berlin trusted her so much, even though the professor always had doubts. Some believe that Tatiana poses as Alicia Sierra to sabotage Berlin’s plan and take revenge for the separation. Others think Alicia Sierra slipped into the role of Tatiana and spied on them. The inspector often seems to know what the professor is up to next.


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