Stranger Things: Fans Don’t Want To See This Mistake Again

Stranger Things: Fans Don't Want To See This Mistake Again

“Stranger Things” is a very entertaining show, but there is something that the fans didn’t like at all.

“Stranger Things”: Series Finale

While we know that the new “Stranger Things” season will hit Netflix in 2022, fans are unsure when that will happen. Do “Stranger Things” fans have to wait three years for the new season? If Season 4 only hits Netflix in July, then it would be three years. But we don’t hope so now. We hope for a great new season that will appear “soon,” and that is oozing with tension, adventure, action, and dangerous missions. One thing is hot-blooded discussed on the internet. A mistake that Stranger Things fans don’t want to have repeated. But what exactly is meant by that?

Everyone Wanted To See More Of Him

According to some fans, a big mistake happened in the third season of “Stranger Things.” Season 3 spoilers are coming. With Billy, the squadron had a super interesting (and pretty) villain, but Billy’s back story has been described much too late and much too short. One had a brief glimpse into his past, in which one saw that his birth mother abandoned Billy as a child and that he has since suffered from an aggressive and violent father. 

This childhood trauma made Billy bitter and become a monster. And at the end of the season, it’s the Mind Flayer Monster that kills him. For the upcoming fourth season, fans hope that the human villains will be given more space to grow and more attention paid to them. People want more drama and tension. And if there isn’t a blatant human villain in season 4, then maybe in the final and fifth seasons of “Stranger Things.” In any case, every day, we are more excited about how the story of the Netflix series will continue.

“Stranger Things”: When Does It Continue?

Some Season 4 “Stranger Things” spoilers have been shared with the public over the past few weeks. And yet, we still know so little and finally want answers to our questions. Fans have been waiting for over two years for the successful streak to continue. One can only hope that “Stranger Things” fans don’t even have to wait three years and that the new season goes online in early 2022.


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