Power Book III: Raising Kanan Episode 1 – All you need to know

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Episode 1 - All you need to know

Last year, the show Power ended and we all thought that it’s finally the end and the storey ends.  But instead, it gave us some more stories in the next few years. Everything began with Power Book II: Ghost. Now the new PowerBook III: Raising Kanan continues the same saga. A show that re-tells Kanan’s journey right when he was a timid and intelligent child. His mother intends to prefer, unlike her, a noble profession. But he was made what it is now by the circumstances that turned around. Power Book III Episode 1: Kanan raising is published and here are our thoughts on the show.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan S1 E1 Recap

The moment Raq hands over the sock full of batteries to her fat kid to defend himself from the bullies that were taking a toll on him, she rebrands herself as someone who should not be disrespected and looked upon as a mother and woman in general.

With her classic drip, a green jacket (the fur trimmed one) and a cigarette in other hand, she sure leaves an impression and that would definitely help her son impart the knowledge she gave.

The twist comes here, when Kanan is all grown up and Raq flipped her mind. Kanan is a high school student and is doing awesome and has a truck load of opportunities ahead of him.

Raq and Kanan’s principal now forces Kanan to appear for the test of Elite Magnet School, which furthermore ensures that he gets into a prestigious college.

Many people are introduced in this episode that are the key people in the life of Kanan: his favourite cousin Jukebox; the girl Kanan is crushing hard on, Davina; Shawn “Famous” Figueroa, his best friend from Puerto Rico; his uncles Lou Lou and Marvin; and, to name a few, Unique, the biggest South side drug dealer/mother competition. The character development is enhanced by the 50 cent’s narration that plays an old Kanan. We all know how the life of Kanan ended, so the series doesn’t show 50 cent on the screen that is no physical appearance of him. However, to hear his voice is a genuine and familiar sensation for the prequel.

The first episode also shows that Thomas is more unified and loving than the other families, the St. Patricks and Tejadas in the Power Universe. During the dinner, before shooting, they have a meal and exchanged a good time together. The energy is much less tense than other episodes of power. The family commends Jukebox for her vocal performance in choral rehearsal earlier in the day while eating dinner. Raquel also praises Kanan for the opportunity to attend a brand new high school.

I guess this would be enough as the full story should not be revealed but instead, you should actually watch it. It’s the best thing you could do as you’d also be able to remember the looks and traits of them which you unfortunately can’t experience reading text.

You can check 50 cent’s actual tweet for more context here,

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