You Season 3: Netflix Drops Teaser And Release Date!

You Season 3: Netflix Drops Teaser And Release Date!

The Netflix series with Penn Badgley is on the hype again. When can we finally expect season 3? What newcomers are there in the cast? Here’s everything you must know.

“You”: Season 3 Crazy Teaser Is Here

FINALLY, Netflix has revealed the release date for the third season of “You”. Season 3 of the popular series starts on October 15 on Netflix. The teaser for the sequel is creepy again and also reveals what to expect. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) are married and expecting a baby, and we will soon find out what it will be called: Henry, there will be a son.

YOU | Season 3 Date Announcement | Netflix

“Choosing your name is the first of many decisions to give you the best possible life, to protect yourself, to form who you will be. Who will you be, Henry?”. We hear Joe in the trailer say, and it almost sounds like a threat. The scary stalker, of course, promises to get better and wants to be a great father. 

However, since we know what it means to be a great friend for him, it sure doesn’t turn out too well. Especially when you consider that his mom is crazy too, oh yes, if you trust the Netflix content, Joe Goldberg will fall in love again with his neighbour. At least now, it is very sure that it will end badly.

“You”: When Is season 3 Releasing?

A few weeks ago in April, it was announced that filming of “You” season 3 had been completed. Fans hoped that the post-production of the series would be done by the summer at the latest. But the rumours about the start of series production in August are unlikely to come true. It was just announced that the show release on October 15 2021, so for all fans, mark your calendars. Joe Goldberg is returned.

You Season 3: Who Are The New Faces In Season 3?

Filming for the third season has finally started in November. Several newcomers to the new season have been announced now two more actors are familiar to us.

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Tati Gabrielle, who we know as Sabrina’s rival Prudence, will now also star in “You”. The 24-year-old will slip into the role of the librarian Marianne, who has a good eye on the new neighbourhood in which Joe and Love also live. 

In addition, Dylan Arnold joins the cast, who previously starred in the hit movie “After”. There he was seen as Tessa’s ex-boyfriend Noah. In “You”, he will appear like a college student. We are excited to see what part they will play in the life of Joe and Love.


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