Riverdale Season 5: Is Jughead A Serial Killer?

Riverdale Season 5: Is Jughead A Serial Killer?

Riverdale Season 5: Is Jughead A Serial Killer?

Riverdale returned with the remaining episodes of Season 5 with a bang. Ever since the fifth season has started dropping episodes, one character has constantly been acting weird more than ever. We are now suspecting that our favorite series might have a creepy secret in the cards for us. 

Riverdale Season 5: Does Jughead Has A Creepy Secret?

Since Jughead is acting all weird in the previous episodes of Riverdale Season 5, many wild fan theories have been roaming around the corners of the internet. After a brief suspicion of Betty being a murderer in Season 5, there is now a considerable twist that changes everything for once and all. 

Over the course of years, we had wondered what traumatic experiences Jughead went through when he was living in New York. But now, a violent theory has been circulating on the internet: Is Jughead Jones The Trash Bag Killer Who Kidnapped Betty Cooper?

This Is What Happened

After the time jump, Betty started working at the FBI and searched for a dangerous murderer on the run. This is the TBK killer, also known as The Trash Bag Killer; during her voyage to put the serial killer behind bars, she gets trapped and is eventually held by him.

Fortunately, she was saved by the FBI, but she faces the TBK trauma to this day. Fans have amassed a lot of evidence supporting this theory; for example, Betty Cooper is the only person the trash bag killer didn’t immediately kill, which would speak for the fact that he has a special bond with her Jughead Jones had as an ex-boyfriend. But there are more creepy secrets that have yet to be revealed by the “Riverdale” stars.

Riverdale: Did Jughead Kidnap Betty As The Trash Bag Killer?

The trash bag killer from Riverdale is based on a real serial killer of the same name. The real story behind the serial killer makes the plot of Riverdale scarier. On Reddit, fans of the CW TV show have been busy discussing whether Jughead is the real Trash Bag Killer and the kidnapper of Betty Cooper. This theory emerges especially after Jughead’s behavior got a little shaky with each ‘Riverdale’ episode passing by. 

Jughead himself admits that the last seven years of his life were very blurry because he was constantly consuming alcohol and narcotics. The best-selling writer now struggling for his story has been seen blacking out and disappearing several times, and no one knows what he is doing. 

Another clue supporting the theory is Jughead’s voice message, he left his ex-girlfriend after she failed to come to his book release. The message was highly aggressive, and the fans think this is what triggered Jughead to abduct Betty. So far, we don’t know if Jughead is the actual TBK. We hope we will find this soon in future episodes. 


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