The Office Season 10 Could Be Coming Soon!

The Office Season 10 Could Be Coming Soon!

After nine seasons on the air, “The Office” managed to position itself as one of the most iconic comedies of the new century, which went from being a filler content to one of the most acclaimed shows by the public.

Even so, after the departure of Steve Carell, the series created by Greg Daniels seemed to fulfil its cycle, and two seasons later, it reached the end of its journey in May 2013.

Since then, its actors have made their way through different productions in the industry with greater and lesser success. Several of them have even gotten together in spinoff projects to talk about the impact of participating in television success. But the real possibility of reviving the show was never considered, at least not until now.

Starting in North America in January, the comedy began to air exclusively on NBCUniversal’s Peacock service after it paid out a sum of nearly $500 million. After the company’s move has already started to hear that “The Office” could have a new life.

Officials Release Statements

NBCU chief content officer Susan Rovner recently told Deadline that a reboot could happen “when The Office creator Greg Daniels wants to make one.”

“We are waiting,” she added, after previously declining to comment on the potential reboot during a panel. At the beginning of the year, Daniels did not wholly rule out the idea either. He even expressed that “it would not be impossible.”

However, he admitted that his Amazon Prime Video series “Upload” and his Netflix series “Space Force” currently occupy much of his time. Daniels’ desire to participate and the interest of some of the former stars of the series would probably be the biggest obstacles to the new content of “The Office” being directly about a reboot.

It is also clear that while reviving successful properties is common currency today, fans will likely put up resistance if especially a clean slate is made with the beloved cast.

Another option that also seems to have been discussed is a one-time special, much like the HBO Max reunion from “Friends.” Daniels also added on the subject: “It would be fun to find some missing episodes and shoot them as if they were in 2010 or something.”

Michael Scott’s Departure Was The True Finale Of The Series

Although Steve Carell’s Michael Scott was a questionable character, he became the heart of “The Office” over seven seasons. For this reason, with his departure, the audience levels not only decreased, but critics began to let go of comedy.

The first season in which Carell was not present has a Tomatometer score of 44% and 57% of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, the lowest of all seasons.


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