Peaky Blinder Season 6: Actor Confirms February 2022 Release Date

Peaky Blinder Season 6: Actor Confirms February 2022 Release Date

While those responsible for the series are keeping a secret from the start of the sixth season of “Peaky Blinders”, a star of the show is now spoiling when it will continue.

Season 6 Is Currently Still In Production 

As already reported a few days ago,  

the sixth season of Netflix’s most famous crime dramas was planned to release in 2021 and within the next few weeks. That means the new episodes are now in post-production. The post-production of such high budget shows can take longer than expected. All in all, it has already been assumed that the entire production will take about a year more, mainly due to the delay caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fans Have To Wait Long For The New Season

Just the news that the 6th season of “Peaky Blinders” should be the last was a hard blow for all fans of Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his gangster gang. The fact that so much time was wasted due to the coronavirus pandemic and production before the sixth season of the historical drama shows the situation getting even meaner. So at this point, it has been almost two years since Season 5 was released. But while the broadcaster BBC (responsible for the series production) has kept the release date of the 6th season a secret, this is now spoiled by one of the hit series stars.

 “Peaky Blinders” Season 6: Actor Reveals Release Date

Ironically, one of the new cast members of season 6 dropped the bomb. Young actor Conrad Khan will appear in the latest episodes of “Peaky Blinders”, but although not much is known about his role, the media interest in the young actor is high, and the interviews are not uncommon. During a conversation with the RadioTimes, the 21-year-old dropped the bomb: “As far as I am informed, the new season will come in February of next year. That can change over and over again at the moment, but it seems certain at the beginning of the year,” said the Peaky Blinders actor.

After fans had little hope that the 6th season will appear in 2021, this news is shocking, but unfortunately, that was expected. The sixth season as reported by the actor, is scheduled to premiere in February 2022. The showrunners or the streaming service have not officially confirmed this news, but we hope to get an official announcement soon.


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