Firefly: Is Season 2 Coming Anytime Soon?

Firefly: Is Season 2 Coming Anytime Soon?

Despite the short running time, “Firefly” has cult status and a large fan base. Are you getting season 2 of the sci-fi series after almost 20 years?

“Firefly: The departure of the Serenity” was written by Joss Whedon ( “Avengers: Age of Ultron”). Whedon had some great ideas back in the 1990s. With “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel: Hunter of Darkness” he was allowed to successfully implement as a screenwriter and director so that he received the order for another series. “Firefly: The Dawn of Serenity” was the result. Like us, we think it’s one of the best sci-fi series of all time. Even if it was over after a season with only 14 episodes, the American science fiction series still has tons of fans today, who are longing for a second season. But after 19 years, is a “Firefly Season 2” really possible?

“Firefly” Season 2 Is Not Very Realistic

Even if the rumor mill is simmering again and again, “Firefly” Season 2 will probably no longer exist in the form desired by fans. In “Firefly” we follow the thrown-together crew of the ailing space freighter Serenity around Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds ( Nathan Fillion ). Humanity has expanded into the outer worlds of the solar system. As a result, there is chaos, violence and crime pretty much everywhere. The Serenity crew tries to keep themselves afloat with jobs of all kinds.

Designed as a western scenario, Whedon already played out the great possibilities of this world in the few episodes. Nevertheless, there were conflicts with the broadcaster Fox so that “Firefly” was discontinued after 14 episodes, even if the series was praised by critics and even received an Emmy. The discontinuation did not diminish the hype of the series, on the contrary. To this day, fans hope for a sequel. “Firefly” Season 2 is unlikely to be released again, but what does the future of the franchise look like?

The Future Of “Firefly”: Hope Dies Last

In 2005 a wish of the fans was fulfilled: “Firefly: The Awakening of the Serenity” was continued in the form of a film. “Serenity: Escape to New Worlds” concluded at least some open storylines of the series. Of course, fans of the series have not been entirely satisfied with this to the day. They continue to hope for an adequate sequel to “Firefly” in the form of a new season. With streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+, there are justified hopes these days that the series might end up there.


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