Riverdale Season 5: Betty Is Pregnant! Archie Is The Father!

Riverdale Season 5: Betty Is Pregnant! Archie Is The Father!

A new theory about “Riverdale” Season 5 shocks fans: Will Betty Cooper soon be pregnant, and who will be the father?

“Riverdale” Season 5: Is Betty Cooper Pregnant?

Will there be another baby on the Riverdale set soon? Fans have come up with a pretty explosive theory that is currently driving the internet crazy. It has long been clear that Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) will be a mother in the popular series. But now it’s getting wild: New clues about “Riverdale” Season 5 make fans suspect that Betty Cooper is pregnant too.

A few weeks ago, the series maker Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa posted a suspicious picture with many emojis that should reveal what will happen in season 6 of “Riverdale”. Also included is a very special emoji: a blonde pregnant woman. After several interviews with the “Riverdale” producer, fans agreed that Betty Cooper was expecting a child. And the father? In any case, he shouldn’t be Jughead.

Betty Cooper’s Pregnancy: Will Archie Andrews Be The Father? 

The theories for “Riverdale” Season 5 firmly believe that Betty Copper is pregnant and Archie Andrews will be the father, no kidding. The two had a hot affair at the beginning of the current season: friendship and sex, that was the deal. After everyone had briefly suspected that Archie and Betty would get together now, there was the turn. 

Archie still has feelings for Veronica; she also has feelings for him and finally divorces her annoying husband to be happy with Archie. Will that even be possible? Not only the emoji of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confused fans, but also some statements in interviews about “Riverdale” season 5 are more than suspicious. 

“We will experience another facet of Archie and Betty together, which is different from just friendship, which is different from friends with certain advantages. I leave you to speculate at this point what this other facet could be. But it will come.”

Was that the official permit for all fan theories? As you know, Archie Andrews from “Riverdale”, it’s pretty clear that he’ll do anything to make this relationship possible and to be a great father. The “Riverdale” resident is very conscientious. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa also said: 

“The story of Archie and Betty is not over yet, and their relationship will deepen, especially in the last few episodes.”  

If you want to know whether Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper will become parents in “Riverdale” Season 5, you must stay tuned and watch the new episodes every Thursday on Netflix. 


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