What Does Lean Mean on TikTok? Who Began this “Lean” Movement?

Users have had access to Tiktok since 2017. From the ‘I Gotta Put Me First’ trend to the numerous dance challenges trends, it has given us a lot.

A current trend involving the recreational drug ‘lean’ has gotten a lot of attention on the app, with thousands of views. However, given the age demographics of TikTok users, the trend could become problematic, particularly for children.

For example, ‘I love lean’ has been posted. While some users are familiar with the term’s meaning, others are entirely perplexed.

What Does ‘Lean’ Mean on Tiktok?

We’re all aware that being lean means taking a slanting or gravitating position. The significance of the Lean meme, however, is not as obvious as we had believed.

According to TikTok, Lean is a recreational drug beverage that originated in Houston, Texas. Users who have problems standing up straight are referred to be ‘lean,’ also known as ‘purple drank,’ ‘purp,’ or ‘oil.’

What Does Lean Mean on Tiktok

Cough syrup is mixed with a soft drink or soda to make it. It’s essentially a strong prescription cold medicine, specifically a cough syrup containing both promethazine and codeine, which is usually the first step towards getting lean.

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Cold medicines containing dextromethorphan as the active ingredient have also been used because they have similar effects and do not require a visit to the doctor.

It’s possible that masking an unpleasant taste will alter potency judgement, which is a factor in overdose.

What Are The Dangerous Consequences of This on  Humans?

The physiological effects of lean on the user include “moderate euphoric side effects,” “motor-skill impairment, lethargy, exhaustion, and a dissociation sensation from all other body parts,” and “motor-skill impairment, lethargy, tiredness, and a dissociative feeling from all other body parts.”

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(Don’t worry if you’re always sluggish; it doesn’t mean you’ve started taking lean or anything.) So, the super-sweet mix of Coke, cough syrup, and Jolly Ranchers is claimed to leave a long-lasting flavour and sensation on the tongue.

Many first-time users are drawn to this occurrence. Alcohol and/or other substances are regularly mixed with lean.

Who Started This ‘Lean’ Trend?

The TikTok craze, Lean, started with the account @peeaspoo. The user submitted a short video of Naruto dancing to hip-hop music. He’s also added the header Ultra Lean Instinct and the footer I Love Lean! to the mix.

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The video has received 150.8K views and 25.6K likes in just 5 days. Following that video, other people submitted the same meme, which went viral on TikTok.

Why Is This a Dangerous Trend for Children?

A substance is always risky for youngsters, but it is also risky for adults. When youngsters see adults posting TikTok videos about lean, they are fascinated.

What Does Lean Mean on Tiktok

They post in the same manner as adults in order to appear cool in front of others, which leads to their use of the substance.

This is an extremely dangerous trend for everyone! So keep an eye out for these kinds of things. A meme can be spread, and it’s fine to laugh at it, but don’t actually ingest it if you don’t want to wreck your future.

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