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What Was the Looks of Ariana Grande Before Surgery?

Ariana Grande Before Surgery

Since she became a worldwide pop star, people have said that singer and actress Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery. Fans still want to know if she has ever had a nose job, lip fillers, or any other kind of cosmetic surgery.

People started to wonder when she started to look a little different from how she did when she was younger and on Nickelodeon. People on social media wondered why Ariana’s eyes didn’t look as round and expressive as they did when she played Cat Valentine on Victorious from 2010 to 2013. Some even thought she had a twin.

But many people also said that eye makeup can change and improve the way a person looks. And because the “7 Rings” singer wears dramatic makeup to red carpet events, her face tends to look more sculpted and her eyes tend to look smoky.

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But the talk about Ariana’s eyes wasn’t the end of it. When a fan account tweeted about how her nose looked in December 2019, some people even thought she had a nose job. Ariana put an end to the rumours about plastic surgery in a now-deleted tweet that was caught by many news outlets at the time.

Before and After Ariana Grande’s surgery

It is said that Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery. Her fans are wondering if she has had plastic surgery because of how much she has changed.

But she has never said whether or not the rumours are true. Let’s look at what people are saying about Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery.

1. Eyebrow Lift

Most likely, Grande’s brows have been raised. A brow lift, also called an eyebrow lift, browplasty, or forehead lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that lifts a drooping brow and smooths out wrinkles across the forehead.

Ariana is too young to worry about wrinkles, but she did want to lift her eyebrows. She probably chose an endoscopic eyebrow lift, in which tiny cuts are made above her brows to lift them.

2. Nose Job

Ariana’s nose has changed a lot over the years, that’s for sure. Pictures of her before and after show that her nose has shrunk. Reports say that she may have had another nose surgery last year to make the top of her nose higher.

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A nose job, also called rhinoplasty, is a type of plastic surgery that changes the way the nose looks. We don’t know if Ariana’s nose had any medical problems, but it seems likely that she chose to have it worked on.

3. Changes to the Cheeks and Jaw

Her fans also think that her cheeks look fuller than they did before. Ariana may have also had jaw implants or fillers to make her chin look smaller.

4. Lip Fillers

In a procedure called “lip augmentation,” lip fillers are used to make the lips look fuller. The pop singer’s look has changed a lot and has been changing all the time. In the “before” pictures, Ariana’s bottom lip is bigger than her top lip.

After the shot, Ariana’s lips are much bigger in 2017. Some might even call this a “trout pout,” which means that the lips are way too full.

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Regardless, Ariana’s lips are still stunning. We don’t know what kind of lip filler Ariana used, but the plastic surgeon did a great job. There are no bumps or ridges that stand out.

5. Adding size to the breasts

There are also rumours that the artist had surgery to make her breasts bigger. I wouldn’t say that her chest is flat, but her breasts are small, which isn’t unusual for a small woman. There is no difference between how big Ariana’s breasts were before and after the surgery.

6. Butt Lifting

Once, Ariana Grande put a picture of her butt on Instagram, and it became very popular. Even though she was wearing tight jeans, there was no sign of surgery on her bottom.


Only Grande herself knows for sure if the changes in her face are the result of plastic surgery, make-up, or just getting older. Ariana has said that she has not had any minor plastic surgery to change how she looks.

It probably doesn’t matter to them either. We do know that she is beautiful, though. We hope this article was helpful, and if it was, let us know what you thought about it in the comments section.

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