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Lawrence Bishnoi Wikipedia – Is He Accused of Sidhu Moosewala’s Killing?

Lawrence Bishnoi Wikipedia

In this post, we will explore the age, relationship status, family, and net worth of the notorious mobster Lawrence Bishnoi. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

Who is Lawrence Bishnoi?

Lawrence Bishnoi is a northern Indian Punjabi mobster and gang boss. There are twenty criminal proceedings pending against him, including murder and extortion, however, he has rejected these accusations. His gang is associated with around 700 shooters nationwide. Currently, he is incarcerated in Tihar Jail.

Bishnoi entered the criminal underworld in Chandigarh between 2010 and 2012 when multiple FIRs were filed against him for offences including attempted murder, trespassing, assault, and robbery.

All of these cases involved Bishnoi’s participation in student politics. Four out of the seven FIRs filed against him in Chandigarh were dismissed, while three are still pending.

Name Lawrence Bishnoi
Birth February 12, 1991
Profession Gangster
Nationality Indian
Net Worth Not Known
Gender Male
Relationship With Single

Early Years of Lawrence Bishnoi

Bishnoi was born on February 12, 1991, in Dutaranwali village, Abohar, Ferozpur, Punjab, to a wealthy agricultural family of a police officer-turned-farmer. After completing the 12th grade in Abohar, he came to Chandigarh in 2010 to attend the DAV College in sector 10 in Chandigarh.

Soon after, he was elected president of the Student Organisation Panjab University (SOPU) in 2011 and remained in that position till 2012. He attempted to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree twice, but was unsuccessful and was found cheating on tests. He received his Juris Doctor from Panjab University.

Parent, Siblings and Spouse of Lawrence Bishnoi

Bishnoi’s father, Lavinder Singh, was a police officer. His mother is named Sunita and she is a housewife. He has a younger boxer sibling named Anmol Bishnoi. Lawrence Bishnoi is currently single. Bishnoi adheres to Hinduism.

Lawrence Bishnoi and Salman Khan Dispute

Lawrence Bishnoi said in January 2018 that he was in the midst of murdering Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. He stated that Salman Khan would be murdered in Jodhpur. Then he will become aware of us.”

Following this, the Rajasthan police arrived and began arresting members of Lawrence’s group. The police arrested Javed Jinjha, a member of Lawrence’s gang, in the month of April.

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Jinjha told the police that Lawrence used to direct him from jail, but after Salman Khan’s story broke, the police had Lawrence put up in a special cell, preventing him from using the mobile.

Sampath Nehra, another Lawrence associate, was apprehended by the police, and it was discovered that Lawrence had asked Sampath to murder Salman Khan. Sampat Nehra travelled to Mumbai and spied Salman Khan’s home, etc., in this context. According to reports, if the police do not quickly apprehend him, he may have attacked Salman.

Mobile Phone Use in Jail by Lawrence Bishnoi

In 2021, the jail administration discovered him using a phone inside the facility. Reportedly, he would contact his gang associates outside of prison to have victims killed. After Sushil Kumar was arrested for the murder of Sagar in 2021, there were rumours that he supported the Bishnoi gang.

Lawrence Bishnoi, Linked to Sandeep Nangal’s Murder

According to allegations from 2022, the Bishnoi group murdered Kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal. In a message on social media, they wrote,

Yesterday, we condemned Sandeep Nangal Ambian to damnation for having defrauded our group. He completed his duties and then travelled abroad. “We killed him because it was required.”

Who Killed Sidhu Moosewala?

In 2022, a group of people killed the well-known Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. A few hours after he was killed, Goldy Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi said that they were the ones who did it. After Sidhu Mossewala was killed, both Goldy Brar and Bishnoi said they were to blame. In a Facebook post, they said,

Moosewala was killed in Punjab today, and I, Sachin Bishnoi, and Lawrence Bishnoi are to blame. It’s what we do. When our brother Vikramjit Singh Middukhera and Gurlal Brar were killed, Moosewala’s name came up, but the Punjab Police didn’t do anything about it.

We also found out that Moosewala had something to do with our friend Ankit Bhadu’s meeting. Moosewala was trying to do us harm. Delhi Police had taken his name, but Moosewala used his political power to save his skin each time. On May 30, 2022, he asked the court to protect him from a fake police encounter, but the court said no.

A Little About Lawrence

Even though he was born into a Punjabi family, his name was Christian. A source says that he was very fair when he was born, which is why his mother gave him the name Lawrence, which means “shining.” Because he was light-skinned, people often called him “Milky.”

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It was said that the land he grew up on was worth about Rs. 7.20 crores. When he was younger, sports were more interesting to him. He used to wrestle in an akhara behind Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake.

He started running for office while he was still in college. He was the leader of the Student Organization Panjab University (SOPU). He ran for office in college, but he didn’t win. This made the other party jealous, which made him angry. He went in the same direction as the gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuri, to who he looks up.

In an interview, one of his teachers said that he left college in 2010 after being caught cheating on an exam. They also said that he was a mean student who argued with them a lot. They found out that when he came to the college to take exams after being arrested, he was in handcuffs.

People say that he can often be seen chanting Sukhmani Sahib in jail. He went to court in Chandigarh in 2020 because he was scared of the fake police encounter. In his plea, he said he should be handcuffed whenever he was taken anywhere.

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He is a follower of Bhagat Singh, and he often says that he does social service in a different way. He has also been seen wearing shirts with pictures of Bhagat Singh on them.


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