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Sam Retford is an Australian-born English actor who was born on June 22, 1999. He is best known for playing Cory Wilson on the Channel 4 show Ackley Bridge. He has also been in TV shows like Casualty and Death in Paradise. He has also been in a number of plays on stage. In 2021, he started playing Curtis Delamere on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Early Years of Sam Retford

Retford was born in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia, on June 22, 1999. After that, his family moved to Crewe, England. He went to Brine Leas High School and then went to The Lowry Actors Company to learn how to act. Retford wanted to be a marine biologist before he became a professional actor.

The Career of Sam Retford

Retford started acting in small shows around Manchester, like Lord of the Flies and The Newspaper Boy, on the fringes of the theatre scene there. Hollyoaks: Tom’s Life, a spinoff of Hollyoaks, was Retford’s first TV show. The first episode of the show came out in 2014 on All 4, and he played Nate for four of them.

He played Cory Wilson in the Channel 4 school drama Ackley Bridge from 2017 to 2019. In the series, his stories were about being abused at home, coming to terms with being gay, and having an illegal relationship with a teacher.

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In August 2018, he shared a role with Lloyd Daniels in the musical Closets. In February 2019, Retford played Michael in Kings of Idle Land at the VAULTS festival. This was his first time on stage in London. Later that year, Retford spoke at anti-bullying events in Blackpool and London that were sponsored by the Diana Award.Sam Retford

In a December 2019 episode of the BBC medical drama Casualty, he played the part of Tyler Begbie. In 2020, Retford was the main character in the short movie S.A.M. In the fall of that year, it was said that he would be in the tenth season of Death in Paradise.

In May 2021, Retford started playing Curtis Delamere on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. Later that year, he was chosen to play Hunter in the musical movie White Wedding.

Sam Retford Warns Fans

Sam Retford, a new character on Coronation Street, has warned fans that he is being impersonated on social media by people who say they are him.

The actor, who joined the soap as Curtis Delamere in May, talked about his ordeal after imposters tried to set up meet-ups under his name. He said that he has deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“Except for Instagram,” he told the Daily Star, “I’m not very active on social media.” “It’s a place where I can put up photos of myself with trees. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s bad, and it takes a person with a strong mind to face that every day. People tried to set up meetings with a fake me, which could be dangerous.

Sam went on to say that trolls have tried to get him to answer them by saying, “Messages come in and start out being nice, but when they see you’re not responding, they get mean.” You can see that it’s meant to get you to do something.

The actor has also talked about the ongoing love story between Curtis and Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell), saying that things will get harder because of how sick his character is. “There will be more trouble like what we’ve already seen,” he said. “Emma never seems to get an easy ride.

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“With his health the way it is right now, it will always be hard to balance that with a strong relationship. There’s a lot more to come, which is fun. It’s a Game of Thrones moment, and we’re just waiting for the script.”

Sam’s Personal Life

Sam Retford is definitely not gay. Some people have thought that Sam is gay, even though he is straight. Sam is also a member of and supports the LGBT community. When he was in a TV show called Ackley Bridge, people started to wonder if he was gay. Sam hasn’t said anything about the related subject, though.Sam Retford

Sam Retford doesn’t have anyone to go with him. He doesn’t have a partner right now, and he’s more interested in his career than in getting into a relationship. Sam is also a private person when it comes to his romantic life. So, we don’t know if Sam is going out with someone or not.

The next thing is that Sam Retford likes to spend his free time with his family. Sam, on the other hand, has not told anyone about his parents. Also, Retford was born in Australia and moved with his family to Crewe, England. After Sam moved to England, he got a job as an actor.

How Much is the Net Worth of Sam Retford?

Now, let’s talk about how much money Sam Retford has. His wealth is very high. We looked up Sam Retford’s net worth on the internet and found that it’s about $1.5 million as told by popularbio.

Every day, a huge number of people look up Sam Retford’s age, net worth, and height on the internet. So, we can say that soon, information about Sam Retford’s height, age, net worth, and bio will be all over the internet.

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