Alina Fazleeva Apologises for Taking Nude Pictures Near a Banyan Tree in Bali

On May 6, 2022, a Russian woman named Alina Fazleeva and her husband, Andrey Fazleev, went to a press conference in Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali. NDTV reports that the couple could be kicked out of Bali because they “staged a naked photo shoot on a sacred tree, which is against local culture.”

Mail Online says that in 2019, Alina Fazleeva did naked poses on a hundred-year-old tree and was part of the Babakan temple grounds in Tabanan regency.

The picture, taken by her husband and posted to Instagram, went viral and angered many Balinese people, who believe that mountains, trees, and other natural features are holy because they are where the gods live.

Jamaruli Manihuruk, in charge of Immigration in Bali, told reporters, “Both of them have been proven to have done things that endanger public order and don’t follow local rules.” The chief concluded that “they will be sent away.”

According to NDTV, the husband and wife will not be able to go to Indonesia for at least six months and will have to take part in a cleansing ceremony at the sacred area.

Ig Model Apologises for Making a “Big Mistake”

@alina yogi’s account is now private, with more than 900 posts and more than 18,000 followers. NDTV says that Alina Fazleeva apologized for what she did on her Instagram page by putting out a statement in English and Bahasa Indonesia that said she “made a big mistake.”

Fazleeva said, “There are a lot of holy places in Bali, but not all of them have signs, like the one I went to.” The social media model said again, “It’s essential to be respectful of these places and traditions.”Alina Fazleeva

Mail Online says that Fazleeva also went to the same tree “to ask for forgiveness” while fully dressed. Alina Fazleeva is also said to have talked to Niluh Djelantik, who called the police about her, to apologize. Even though her apology was accepted, the local reportedly said that the incident should still be considered.

More About the Husband of the Russian Tourist

The influencer’s husband, Andrey Fazleev, has more than 2,000 Instagram followers and is considered an entrepreneur by the site. The Russian translation of @andrew fazleev’s bio says that as the founder of Art Planet and Art Friday, he has “organized more than 100 events and vacations.”

Andrey Fazleev says he is a “musician” on Facebook and plays with the bands AtmanLove and Turkish Sound.

After Taking Naked Images of a Sacred Tree, the Influencer Was Blocked From Entering Bali

The Russian influencer and her husband, Andrey Fazleev, were barred from entering the Indonesian state of Bali after she shared a selfie of herself naked beneath an ancient, sacred tree.

Fazleeva was forbidden from entering Bali after it was discovered that her photo session took place beneath a 700-year-old banyan tree in a temple enclosure. The now-deleted photograph was posted on May 1, and the couple was deported on Friday, May 6. According to AFP, the pair will be barred from entering the island for at least six months.

“Because they engaged in acts that jeopardized public order and were disrespectful of local standards, they have been sanctioned with deportation.” “Their names will be added to an entry prohibition list,” said Bali’s chief immigration officer Jamaruli Manihuruk, according to the site.

According to AFP, Bali deported over 200 foreigners last year for various reasons, including violations of COVID-19 limits and contempt for the country’s traditions and customs.

Before leaving, Fazleeva and her husband performed a rite at the tree’s location to request forgiveness. She also apologized twice on social media after her gaffe.

One post showed the couple praying by an evergreen with the text “I apologize to all Balinese and Indonesian people, I regret my acts.” I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you in any way; I do not know this location. “I just prayed behind a tree and went straight to the police station to explain and apologize for this occurrence.”

In another photo, the Instagrammer was seen with her hands raised in a prayer position and her eyes closed. “I appeal to my friends and all Bali guests,” she wrote in English. I accidentally committed a significant mistake that I regret, and I want to inform you about it so that you don’t make the same mistake.

“I love Bali with all my heart, and I apologize to all Bali inhabitants and ask for forgiveness once more.” there are many sacred sites in Bali. However, not all of them have information signs, like in my case. “And it is critical to treat these locations and customs with respect,” she added. And first and foremost, determine whether or not photography or videography is permitted in this location.Alina Fazleeva

Fazleeva announced on social media that she and her partner had returned to Moscow. “Now that we’ve arrived in Moscow, I’m regaining my composure, and when I’m ready, I’ll tell you what truly happened,” she wrote in Russian and Indonesian. “We are grateful for all the words of encouragement from the people of Bali and the island for everything He has given us.”

Official Government Comment on this Incident

According to the Governor, such activities are degrading and cannot be accepted. “As a result, I have directed the head of the Law and Human Rights office in Bali to deport the Russian tourist as soon as possible.”

This episode should serve as a cautionary tale for tourists. Please feel free to visit, but the culture of Bali must be preserved, the image of Bali’s tourism must be cherished, and the Indonesian people and their culture must be revered.

For these reasons, I must take serious action to ensure that such an occurrence does not happen in the future and that (my actions) serve as a lesson to other tourists,” Governor Koster stated.

Governor Koster noted that, while the Russian woman had apologized for her acts and was willing to engage in a guru piduka purification ceremony, this would not be enough to make up for her actions.

“Even though (she) has apologized. It is not enough to apologize and take part in a ceremony; the additional consequence of deportation must also be enforced. “A unified and firm response is required because we strive to maintain Bali’s cultural integrity,” added Koster.

Meanwhile, Jamaruli Manihuruk, the head of the Law and Human Rights Ministry for the Province of Bali, stated that his department was organizing the expulsion with the Russian Embassy. Immigration detained the Russian couple as they awaited a flight suited for deportation.

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