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How Old is Asian Doll? Was She Involved in a Car Crash?

how old is asian doll

Misharron Jermeisha Allen is a well-known American rapper and musician who goes by Asian Da Brat, Asian Doll, and Queen Von. Her favorite kinds of music are hip hop, trap, and pop-rap. The Doll is the first female musician to be signed to Gucci Mane’s record label, 1017 Eskimo Records.

The young rapper is known for her mixtapes like Da Rise of Barbie Doll Gang Empire, Drippin in Glo, Project Princess, Outtaspace, etc. Some of her best-known singles are RoadRunner, Bless, Chun-Li Challenge, and Savage Barbie.

Early Years of Asian Doll

Allen was born on December 7, 1996. She was the second daughter of LaKeithia Lewis and Michael Allen’s four children. Allen grew up in the Park Row neighborhood on the south side of Dallas.

Her early life was unstable because she was poor, and her father was in and out of prison. Allen got in trouble with the law for the first time when she was 12 years old. Allen went to Skyline High School until the 12th grade when he quit.

Image in public

Allen changed her name to Asian Da Brat in 2019 to set herself apart from a group of female rappers named Doll. Asian Da Brat’s name is supposedly a reference to Da Brat, a veteran female rapper from Chicago whose first studio album, Funkdafied, was the first record by a female rapper to be certified platinum.

In an interview on Hot97 in April 2019, Allen said that Da Brat was a reference to Bratz Dolls, a toy brand for girls. She voted for Donald Trump when he ran for president in 2020.

What does Asian Doll do?

Misharron Asian Doll, or Jermeisha Allen, is a well-known female rapper from the United States. She began sapping when she was in school. Even though she’s still in her 20s, she’s been able to get a lot of attention from the public.

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She would skip school to make her rap videos. Soon, she stopped going to school without finishing her work and focused on her music. In December 2015, Asian Doll put out her first mixtape. It was called Da Rise of Barbie Doll Gang Empire.

Drippin’ in Glo, her second album, came out in 2016. It was a huge hit right away. The same year, she released a second album, Project Princess Vol. 1. She slowly became known for having a strong voice and lyrics that meant something.

The Doll was the first woman rapper that Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Eskimo Records, signed. In 2017, she put out two albums: Outta Space and Kill Bill, Vol. 1. The following year, she put out Doll Szn and So Icy Princess back-to-back. Unfuccwitable and Fight Night are two albums that Doll put out in 2019. She then started Doll Gang Records, her record label.

In 2017, she released the songs Road Runner, Bless, and Chun-Li Challenge. In 2018, she released the songs Savage Barbie, So Icy Princess Intro, 1017, and First Of. She was also in naked Doll BBC, a more extended play that came out in 2020.

In 2019, she released the single Truth. In 2020, she released Find Me, Pull Up, and Nunnadet Shit. She’s also been in many music videos, like “With You” by Jay Sean and Gucci Mane and “We Da Opps” by Casino Jizzle.

Asian Doll Weight, Age, and Ethnicity

Asian Doll is an American rapper who is 24 years old. She was born in Dallas, Texas, on December 7, 1996. She is 1.7 meters tall and weighs about 59 kilograms. Her hair and eyes are also black. She is an American citizen of African descent. LaKeithia Lewis and Michael Allen are her parents.

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She attended Skyline High School but did not earn a diploma. In 2020, she was detained for unexplained reasons. Her natal zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Multiple tattoos cover Doll’s body.

Personal Sphere of Asian Doll

Allen revealed in January 2021 that she was depressed following the death of King Von, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship before his passing. A few days later, she discussed his passing on an episode of Taraji P. Henson’s show Peace of Mind with Taraji. Allen has dedicated six tattoos to Von.

Asian Doll Family, Including Parents and Children

Asian Doll’s family is an African-American family from Dallas, Texas, and she was raised traditionally by her parents. Her father disapproved of her rapping and once kicked her out of the house when he discovered that she had filmed a music video. However, her mother believed in her and encouraged her. There is no information about her siblings available.

Earnings, Revenue, and Net Worth (2022)

Asian Doll’s music career is still on the edge of taking off. She has created income and earnings at such a young age through music contracts, ad revenues from her YouTube channel, sponsorships, commercials, and paid promotions.

She also owns the Daddol Cosmetics store, which provides a substantial income. Her predicted net worth in 2022 is approximately $1 million.

Was Asian Doll Involved in a Car Crash?

Asian Doll disclosed in August 2020 that she was involved in a near-fatal car accident. The rap starlet said on her Instagram story that not only was she injured, but her brothers were also bleeding from the head. The celebrity also informed her fans that other passengers were unconscious following the accident.

The actress did admit that the automobile she was in fell over a cliff, though she did not provide any information. Fortunately, she recovered fast. Asian Doll wrote on her Instagram story: “I’m Hurt.” “When the car fell over, my brothers were bleeding from the head, and I had to crawl out first because everyone was bleeding and unconscious,” she wrote.

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“Gang, I’m f*cked up, no lie, love though.” The celebrity added, “I’m okay, but I’ll never be the same in real life; I almost lost my life while going down the street with my head fractured and gushing blood; why me? What did I do to deserve this?” Asian Doll continued, “I feel like it’s me versus the world, and I almost lost.”

Legal Issues

Allen was detained in New York City in June 2018 following a fight. She was released after a few hours. On September 4, 2020, Allen was arrested on narcotics charges in Georgia, United States. She was released on bond after four days.

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