List of 10 Best Free VPNs of 2022, What Are the Drawbacks of Using Free VPN?

A VPN is an excellent tool for your online safety because it lets you be anonymous, protects you from hackers, and gives you access to streaming content by giving you a VPN address in another country. To save money, many individuals hunt for the most exemplary free VPN service, which provides all of these features without cost.

Unfortunately, company restrictions apply to everything, including VPNs. Things are given away for a cause. And using an unsuitable free VPN service can get you in hot water. Slow, congested servers, inability to access your favorite streaming services, obtrusive spam adverts, and poor data security and selling practices: free VPNs may cause more harm than good.

But if you don’t want to waste money on a product you won’t like, there is another option. We looked into premium VPNs that also provide free trials or money-back guarantees. This way, you can try them out for free before committing to a subscription, which may be less expensive than you expect – starting at just a couple of dollars.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a Free VPN?

Before we go into the thorough list of the top free VPNs, it’s important to warn you about the risks. Although getting a free program is usually appealing, it may come with a catch, and VPNs are no exception:

Data limitations

An irritating data limit will almost certainly ruin your free VPN experience. You’ll typically only get a fixed monthly MB allowance, eventually purchasing a commercial VPN version.

Restriction on speed

The connection speeds of free VPN services are frequently limited. It signifies you won’t obtain the performance you require.

The server fleet is small.

You will have a limited number of server options. Most free VPN services allow you to pick between three locations, which is insufficient if you need to unblock a wide range of free vpn

There are no features.

You won’t receive any touted features if you utilize a free VPN. Only premium VPN services provide obfuscated servers, split tunneling, and ad filtering.

Shady behavior

There is also the possibility that your data will be collected and sold to third parties. Invasive advertisements, privacy breaches, and a variety of other concerns are connected with completely free VPN services, which is why all of the VPNs we listed are “freemium” – financed by paying consumers of the same service.

Our Selected List of the Best Free VPNs in 2022:

We understand how tough it is to locate a solid free VPN. That’s why we worked so hard to make things simple for you. Our complete selection of the top free VPN software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and other platforms is provided below.

1. Windscribe Free: The Absolute Best Free VPN

The best free VPN – excellent for streaming, torrenting, and security. It’s safe, quick, and the finest free VPN for HBO Max, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Overall, Windscribe Free is the finest free VPN.

The free VPN has 10 server locations and a bandwidth cap of 10GB. The 10GB data cap is generous. However, it is insufficient for heavy internet usage. The service boasts a privacy-friendly logging policy and strong security protections, and in our tests, it never revealed our actual IP address.

2.PrivadoVPN: Best Free VPN for Netflix in the United States

PrivadoVPN’s free version is among the best we’ve seen. It provides 10GB of free internet each month, unlimited P2P traffic, and consistently unblocks US Netflix. With a private logging policy and industry-standard security features like AES-56 encryption, OpenVPN, and a decent kill switch, it’s a safe alternative for free users.

3. The Best Free VPN for Privacy is Free is a safe VPN that lets you use up to 10GB of data. It’s one of the fastest free VPNs for connections within the same country, and most of its free servers allow P2P traffic. But it doesn’t let you use streaming services like Netflix.

4. ZoogVPN is a Good Way to Stay Private

ZoogVPN is another good free VPN that lets you use 5 servers in 3 different places, including the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. You don’t have to pay or give your credit card information when you sign up, and you get 10 GB of data. This VPN is free to use for 7 days.

5. Atlas VPN: The Fastest Free VPN

Atlas VPN Free is a good choice for torrents because it has fast speeds, servers that work well with P2P, and no logs. The free service from Atlas VPN is safe, easy to use, and good for free vpn

What makes the VPN stand out are its fast speeds and the fact that it works in China. Atlas VPN Free has few servers, can’t unblock most streaming services, and has limited features and customer service.

6. Tunnelbear is a Free VPN That Has a Lot of Great Features

TunnelBear is another VPN with an excellent free version that gives you access to all of its 1800 servers in 26 countries. Your data’s security and privacy are protected by military-grade AES-256 encryption, and TunnelBear doesn’t keep track of what you do online. But they might get some information that lets them find out who you are, like your last name, email address, and in some cases, even the handle of your Twitter account.

Since TunnelBear doesn’t have WireGuard, its speed isn’t anything to write about. On top of that, speed tests won’t be entirely accurate because the VPN automatically switches between the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols (on Windows and iOS).

7. Proton VPN is the Best Free VPN for Unlimited Data

A free VPN that is private and has no limit on the amount of data you can use. This is perfect for securing public WiFi. Only Proton VPN is safe and free enough to leave on all the time. Because it has no limits on how much data you can use. Proton VPN is free and has no ads, so you can use it as much as you want.

8. Betternet VPN – Free VPN With Custom Protocols

Last but not least, Betternet VPN has a free VPN service that isn’t too bad. Even though it has encryption protocols, you only get 500 MB of free data daily. If you’re very concerned about your privacy, Betternet VPN might not be your best choice. Catapult Hydra and AES-256 encryption give it a high level of security, but its privacy and logging policies are something to watch out for.

9. Hola Free VPN

We don’t like that Hola Free VPN is a terrible VPN service. It keeps track of what you do on the internet, doesn’t let you access blocked sites, and blocks P2P traffic. Hola VPN Chrome was even taken off the Chrome Store because it was considered dangerous in 2021.

10. SuperVPN Free VPN Client

We don’t like that SuperVPN Free VPN Client is the worst free VPN available. Its logging policy is risky, it’s hard to find out who owns it, and its apps are full of ads.


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