Here is the List of Top 10+ Ugly Disney Characters!

Ugly Disney characters rarely have a happily ever after, and they are not as adorable as Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess. Even if they aren’t the main antagonist in Disney animated films, the Ugly Disney Characters typically receive the worst treatment. Nevertheless, unattractive Disney princesses do not typically end up marrying Prince Charming.

Each Disney film contains unattractive characters, some of whom are humorous, noble, and valiant. A character’s exterior does not indicate that they are ugly on the inside. As many say, beauty is more than skin deep, and even if Disney characters are deemed unattractive on the outside, they possess many admirable qualities.

1. Ursula – The Little Mermaidugly disney characters

As soon as she is mentioned, we recognise that she is a sea witch. Typically, a witch is not linked with beauty; they are the antithesis of Disney Princesses. When we eventually see Ursula, she is overweight and excessively made up. Prince Eric is of the same opinion.

2. Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderlandugly disney characters

Throughout the entirety of the film, we hear a great deal about the Queen of Hearts. When we get a close look at her, we see a red-faced woman with a larger build. She resembles an animated Miss Trunchbull, minus the crown.

3. Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine in a green dress and Anastasia Tremaine in a purple dress tarnished the reputation of all stepsisters. Young women should refrain from their poor behaviour. Not only do these female figures have large feet, but they also have large mouths.ugly disney characters

They are continually tormenting Cinderella, going so far as to pull apart a ball gown she fashioned out of jealousy. Personality and animosity for Cinderella are the worst aspects of these two terrible Disney characters.

4. Scar is featured in The Lion King

Scar is Mufasa’s less fortunate brother. He will do whatever it takes to obtain his rightful portion of the kingdom and all of its benefits. Scar commands the territories and hyenas of the pride. They are the antagonists who intend to attack the lions, therefore they form an alliance.ugly disney characters

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The hyenas and Scar plot to assassinate Mufasa and seize control of the pride territory. The Lion King is among Walt Disney Pictures’ most profitable pictures.

5. Evil Queen/Wicked Queen

There is usually one character who is envious of another’s beauty. And now we have the ‘Evil Queen.’ In a nutshell, she is a ruthless witch determined to be the fairest in the land.ugly disney characters

So when she found out through the mirror, in which she asks herself every day, “Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land,” the mirror constantly responds.

6. Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

This ugly witch isn’t very enticing. She is Emperor Kuzco’s counsellor. Because she was making decisions for the throne behind his back, the emperor fired her.ugly disney characters

She planned to kill the emperor because he had fired her so she could succeed him as empress. She tries to carry out her nefarious plot with the help of her idiotic assistant “Kronk.”

7. Mother Gothel, Movie – Rapunzeugly disney characters

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Rapunzel’s healing long hair helps Gothel preserve her beauty as she grows older. She’s conceited and will go to great lengths to regain her youth and beauty. She was merely pretending to like Rapunzel and taking advantage of her.

8. Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Damugly disney characters

Quasimodo is one of the most endearingly ugly Disney characters you’ll ever meet. He is really nice and always tries to do the right thing, but he was born with a back condition that causes him to have an unsightly hunchback. Despite the fact that many regard him as unattractive, he remains one of the film’s favourite characters.

9. Edna Mode – The Incrediblesugly disney characters

Edna is the kind of tough-love person you need in your life. She is domineering and demanding. She is the film’s ugly duckling, and the Disney character keeps us smiling in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2! Her dress sense isn’t the best, with outlandish clothing and huge glasses.

10. Phil – Herculeugly disney characters

He is a goat. He’s small, a little overweight, and has a fierce temper. Only Hercules is patient enough to put up with his shenanigans.

11. Jafar – Aladdinugly disney characters

Jafar is one of those persons who has an enormous superiority complex. He couldn’t persuade Princess Jasmine to marry him based just on his charisma. Jafar, more than Jasmine, recognises what he craves is absolute power and control. His insatiable desire for power eventually proves to be his undoing. Jafar is one among the best characters to root for.

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