Where Was 1883 Filmed, Click Here to Know the Locations of Filming of Yellowstone Prequel!

As a prequel to the popular television series Yellowstone, 1883 has become a fan favourite in its own right. Taylor Sheridan’s most recent television series, 1883, chronicles the genesis tale of the Dutton family.

The show features outstanding acting, drama, heartache, and breathtaking landscape. So, where were 1883’s stunning scenes filmed? The majority of filming for 1883 takes place in Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas.

Where Was the Film “1833” Filmed?

With danger lurking around every turn, the Dutton family and their companions must face severe weather, a lack of medical technology, bandits, and all else the Wild West has to offer. Now, the fans of the show are quite curious about the location where ‘1883’ was recorded.

According to tealmango.com Production on the first season of ‘1883’ began in late August 2021. The majority of the series takes place in the Western United States, with backgrounds from numerous states.

Similarly, the show is mostly set in Texas. According to the show’s synopsis, a number of sequences were filmed in Montana. LaMonica says, “We were in Montana, and it was perhaps the coldest day ever.”

“Me, Sam Elliott, and Tim McGraw were riding horses on top of the hill when a firefight was about to begin and the wind was roaring so hard that everything were flying around and cameras were falling over.” According to the actor, filming on that historic day in Montana’s subfreezing temps “made everything so awful.”

Park County, Montana

You may be aware that the show was produced in several locations throughout Texas, but a significant portion of the first season was shot in Park County, Montana, which is really close to Yellowstone National Park.

Texas Filming Locations from 1883

Texas is the primary location for filming 1883. Multiple sequences were filmed across Fort Worth, with Bosque Ranch in Weatherford serving as the production’s primary base of operations.

Given that the programme opens in Texas, it seems natural that many of the filming sites were located in the Lone Star State. Many of the filming locations can be visited in person by fans of the show.

The first two 1883 episodes were shot at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The production crew collaborated with the Fort Worth Film Commission to facilitate filming. To build Hell’s Half Acre, the production dramatically changed the west blocks of Exchange Avenue. This involved constructing dirt roads, eliminating street signs, and designing unique facades to convert the region into one from the 1880s.where was 1883 filmed

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Several local establishments were relocated back in time for filming, removing any modern characteristics. The 200 W. Exchange block and adjacent area were also changed for the performance.

Tattoo Ranch

Tattoo Ranch in Fort Worth was used to film the livery paddock sequences. Tattoo Ranch is a real-life tattoo parlour where people may receive tattoos or take photos of the iconic structure.

Pearl’s Saloon & Dance Hall

Pearl’s Dance Hall & Saloon in Fort Worth dates back to the 1800s, when it was operated as a brothel by the famed Buffalo Bill Cody. The bar was used as a location for the film White Elephant Saloon, when Billy Bob Thornton’s character made the memorable statement “there’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.” Though it was most recently a bar with live music and dancing, it is no longer open to the public.

Alps Building

Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency is based in the Alps Building in Fort Worth in 1883. The building is not open to the public, however it does house office space for several tenants.

Hooker’s Grill

Hooker’s Grill was converted into a gambling den in 1883. The restaurant is just being built to retain the show’s production team’s facade construction. Fans of the show can dine at the restaurant, which has an authentic 1880s appearance.

Fort Worth Herd Cattle Pens

The Fort Worth Herd Cow Pens preserves Fort Worth’s legacy by staging two daily cattle drives down Exchange Avenue. Several scenes in 1883 show individuals wandering through the famous cow cages. Visitors can look around the cattle cages and observe a cow drive.

Cody Building

In 1883, the Cody Building was Hotel Calhoun, where the Duttons spent their first night in Fort Worth. Clare and Elsa’s hotel rooms were in private offices on the second floor, with the lobby on the first floor. Rodeo Exchange, a cowboy-friendly nightclub, is located on the bottom floor of the structure.

Farina’s Winery and Cafe

Farina’s Winery and Cafe in Granbury, Texas was also used for more Hotel Calhoun shots. Shea and Thomas invite James to join them inside the lovely bistro. Visitors can enjoy great Italian food or brunch at the restaurant.

6666 Ranch

The filming of ‘1883’ takes place in King’s County at the legendary ‘6666’ Ranch. You’ve all heard of the number 6666, right? Another spin-off series. View the image of the renowned 6666 Rank below. Granbury, a city in Hood County, Texas, is also a filming location for the show.

The show, on the other hand, continues to air. So you can catch up whenever you want. If you have any questions or comments concerning the show ‘1883,’ please post them in the comments section below. We will contact you.

Bosque Ranch

Taylor Sheridan, the genius of 1883, also owns Bosque Ranch in Weatherford, Texas. The ranch served as the show’s principal filming location. The cowboy camp, as well as other images, were shot at Bosque Ranch on the Brazos River.

Clyde Park is a small town located north of Livingston with a population of slightly over 300 people. Several sequences from 1883 were shot in the picturesque village of Clyde Park, Montana.

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