10+ Tiktok Challenges for Couples to Try With Their Partners for More Views and Likes

Participating in viral trends and challenges is one of the best ways to generate views and likes for your TikToks, and it’s also fun to be a part of something collaborative. And you can undoubtedly draw inspiration from all the celebrities that use the app.

For instance, the “Wildest Dreams” slow zoom trend got so popular that Taylor Swift unexpectedly released her rerecorded version of the song, “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),” so that fans could properly exploit her sound, and she also created her own version of the trend when it emerged.

If you’re specifically looking for TikTok challenges for couples, there are numerous celebrity couples to reference, such as Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck, who are TikTok royalty. Additionally, you can seek for viral challenges by tapping the “Discover” option.

Certain trends will demand you and your significant other to video specified activities, such as standing in front of a mirror and altering attire. Others will include the usage of a particular viral sound and short video collages. All of them will be entertaining and provide you the opportunity to bond over something that is widely available online.

Moreover, it should be noted that couples of all genders participate in these trends, regardless of the pronouns used in the audios. Here are 14 TikTok challenges for couples that you should certainly try.

1. The PassingThePhone Challenge

The #PassingThePhone challenge consists primarily of back-and-forth roasting with your companion. It’s a fun approach to point out your partner’s most repulsive behaviours or things that are extremely unique to them.

Simply state, “I’m handing the phone to someone who [insert cringe-worthy remark],” then pass the phone to the next person, who repeats the phrase. And in typical TikTok form, increase the stakes by escalating the descriptions as the video proceeds; perhaps no one will walk away with a bruised ego.

2. Plank Challenge

This challenge is ideal for couples who wish to engage in exercise regimens. This challenge requires the duo to generate full-plank steps to the beat of the selected song. There are couples who are increasing the difficulty of the steps by incorporating routines such as rolling under their partner and one-handed high fives.

3. “Sometimes all I can think about is you”

This trend is ideal if you are particularly appreciative and sentimental about your relationship. Using a slowed down version of Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves,” the “Sometimes All I Think About Is You” trend involves using the audio to display a montage of photo and short video flashbacks of something you fondly recall, such as your wedding day, the beginning of your relationship, a vacation, or anything else.

4. I Hate All Men Tiktok Challenge

With this “I loathe all guys but…when he loves me” trend, committed women flaunt their link and chemistry with their significant others. It begins with the user lip-syncing the lyrics “I loathe all guys except for him,” followed by a succession of video clips depicting their beautiful moments, screenshots of their sweet text or chat chats, or other reasons why the person adores their significant other.

5. Slow Zoom plus “Wildest Dreams” Challenge

The Slow Zoom effect has gained popularity alongside Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” To join in the trend, which is intended to make the subject of the zoom the “primary character,” you can centre your significant other as the subject and use one of two viral techniques: Have them merely lip sync to the music and revel in the splendour of the main character, or zoom in on them when you make an almost life-altering discovery while watching a film.

6. Q&A Couples Challenge

This is a lovely couple’s challenge in which you and your spouse will answer a series of questions about your relationship in order to demonstrate the amazing bond you have. Some do it while standing with their backs against each other or with their eyes closed.tiktok challenge for couples

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You may respond to the question by pointing to your partners or by writing your answers on paper and displaying them to one another. to respond to each question. Questions may include, “Who is the relationship’s leader?” Who made the initial move?

7. The First Name Tiktok Challenge

This is a great challenge that all couples must attempt. For this challenge, the user will refer to their partner by their given name as opposed to a pet name or term of endearment. Record their reaction in secret and view the humorous outcomes.

8. LetMeRaiseAToast Challenge

The #LetMeRaiseAToast challenge is one of the nicest sound-based challenges you can complete. Using audio from the 1994 film The Little Rascals, “raise a glass to the [person] you love most in the world,” then once the beat stops, create a sentimental collage of treasured memories of you two.

9. Target Challenge

Depending on your or your partner’s attitude on a given day, the Target Challenge on Tiktok can be either incredibly adorable or incredibly aggravating. Each participant will purchase a number of products for their partner based on their criteria.

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It might be an item that reminds you of them, a favourite cologne, a food item given to them as a gift, or something that would irritate them. You may transition from serious to humorous conversation, but make sure your partner doesn’t leave.

10. Lovers Tiktok Challenge

The song “Like I Can” by Sam Smith is the inspiration for this couple’s challenge. This challenge is completed by couples who describe their love sweetly or humorously, and they frequently employ the Freeze Frame Photo effect to showcase their greatest photo.

11. Main Character Challenge

In case it isn’t obvious, TikTok is obsessed with being the “lead character.” Use the Comic Me filter, commonly paired with WILLOW’s section from the song “Meet Me At Our Spot,” to see what you and your SO might look like as main characters in animation in this fad, dubbed the main character challenge.

12. Walk-in Challenge

This challenge arose as a result of quarantine boredom. The goal was for someone to catch their partner’s reaction by going in naked when the user had no expectation of doing so. Some people see this as a challenge to find the greatest way to divert their partners from what they’re doing. Assume you’re trying to distract your spouse when he or she is on a zoom meeting or playing online games.

13. Stand-Up Challenge

This challenge is best suited to athletic, adventurous, or never-say-die couples. It will put the partner’s balance and agility to the test. How it works: the men will lie on their stomachs while their partners stand on their backs.tiktok challenge for couples

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The guy will gradually stand up to the beat of the selected song. Their females will bounce up for every upward movement of the boys. Some people continue the challenge until they are standing on their partners’ shoulders.

14. The Challenge of Flipping The Switch

This challenge involves the user and companion to dance in front of a mirror. The girl should be at the front, and the partner should be in the back. You will switch costumes and postures as the music triggers and continue to dance.

Conclusive Words

Tiktok is a beneficial thing, but only when used properly; if someone takes tiktok trends so seriously that they don’t care about themselves, these trends turn fatal. Therefore, we should be aware of these hazardous tendencies. Stay in touch with us for the most recent information, and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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