Kimberley Ann Scott: Wiki, Family, Early Life, Marriage, Divorce and Everything You Need to Know About Her

Kimberly Anne Scott is a well-known personality and the ex-wife of American musician Eminem. Kimberly’s marriage to Eminem catapulted her to fame, as her name was mentioned in numerous of his songs. Eminem’s relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott was turbulent.

If you have ever been intrigued about Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and her life, scroll down as we have provided all the information. Kimberly and Eminem were high school sweethearts whose love story resembled a roller coaster journey. They had two marriages and three children: Hailie, Alaina, and Whitney.

Kimberly Anne Scott Biography

Kimberly Anne Scott’s full name is Kimberly Anne Scott. The date of birth is January 9, 1975. Kathleen Sluck is the mother and Casimer Sluck is the father. The citizenship is American. The ethnicity is White. Hailie Jade Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers, Whitney Scott Mathers, and Parker Scott are the children. Siblings are Dawn Scott.

Kimberly Anne Scott – Status of Marriage

She is currently unmarried and single. She married and divorced Eminem twice, the first time from 1999 to 2001 and the second time for a brief period in 2006.kimberley ann scott

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem Had an Up-and-down Marriage

When Kimberly and Eminem met, they were both in high school. When they first met, Eminem was just 15 years old, while Kim was only 13 years old. After Kim and her twin sister Dawn moved in with Eminem, they no longer resided there.

The couple began dating in 1989. Their relationship was quite on-and-off, but on December 25, 1995, Scott gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade, and everything was about to change.

In 1996, after only one year of dating, the couple separated, Kim and her infant daughter went into a one-bedroom apartment, while rapper Slim Shady moved in with his mother. In 1999, Kimberly Scott and Eminem reignited their relationship and wed, only to divorce two years later.

Despite years of ups and downs, the couple decided to give their love a second try in January 2006 for the sake of their kid. They understood that even if they got back together, it wouldn’t last. Kimberly agreed to participate in the ceremony, but refused to sign the marriage licence. After one month, Eminem departed.

Family and Kids of Kimberley Ann Scott

Kathleen Sluck (Kim’s mother) gave birth to twins, Kim and Dawn, on January 9, 1975. Casimer Sluck is the biological father of the female. At the tender age of 13, both sisters were forced to flee an alcoholic household. Kim’s stepfather was apparently abusive towards her.

Kim is the biological parent of three children: Hailie Jade Mathers, Whitney Scott, and Parker Scott. She also adopted Alaine Marie, her sister’s kid. Eminem obtained full custody of his daughter Hailie and Dawn’s daughter Alaine following Kim’s legal difficulties.

Kimberly Anne Scott, the Ex-wife of Eminem: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

They have divorced twice since nothing could save their relationship. They could only enjoy their relationship for so long. Music was the only factor that brought them together and drove them apart.

Kimberly is an American novelist and illustrator for hire. She is the author of several novels for children. Whitney Scott Mathers’ real father is not Eminem. Kim gave birth to Whitney during her separation from Eminem. Eric Hartter is Whitney Scott’s true biological father.

Early Life of Kimberly Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott was born in Warren, Michigan, United States, in 1975. Kim and her twin sister Dawn Scott also had a troubled upbringing. Her alcoholic stepfather would routinely sexually attack her.

In 1998, Kim and her sister ran away from their parents one day and sought refuge in a youth home. After a few years, they moved into Eminem’s home. Dawn Scott died in 2016 as the result of a heroin overdose.

Kim Filed a Lawsuit Against Eminem

Kim attended one of Eminem’s gigs in Detroit during the 2000s. Eminem performed the song “Kim” while assaulting a blow-up doll. As the target of the rapper’s violently graphic song, she has filed a lawsuit. Some sources said that she sued Eminem for $10 million shortly after he filed for divorce, in an attempt to obtain more money from him.

Kim Mathers filed her lawsuit on August 21, 2000, exactly five days after Eminem filed for divorce. After Kim’s legal issues, Eminem was granted full custody of his adoptive niece Alaina and his daughter Hailie. Now, he also has custody of Kim’s second daughter, Whitney.kimberley ann scott

Kim Cheated Eminem

In the year 2000, an occurrence caused Eminem to lose his sanity. In parking, he observed Kimberly kissing a friend on the cheek. It was not an attempt to make Eminem feel guilty for cheating, but he did assault the man who was arrested for beating.

Even though he vowed he wouldn’t play “Kim” after his arrest, he did so in retaliation to her adultery. Kim and her sister were in attendance at the concert when Eminem performed the song and verbally insulted a blow-up doll of Kim.

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