Here Is the List of 10 Most Expensive Fruits of the World?

The Japanese are famed for their appreciation of aesthetics, harmony, and excellence. It manifests itself in their art, music, and fashion. What is less generally recognised is that their fruit reflects this pursuit of perfection. This has prompted producers throughout Japan to create exquisite “designer” kinds that are sold at eye-popping prices in Tokyo’s luxury fruit boutiques.

A couple of these remarkable fruit concoctions are now being exported outside of Japan, so if you’re a fruit enthusiast, keep an eye out for them. However, Japan does not own a monopoly on quality fruit. To conclude our list, we’ve visited the United Kingdom for an unexpected taste of the tropics and China for a good luck charm. Enjoy!

1. Yubari King Melon

Price: From $200 to $45,000 per melon

The most well-known of all Japanese luxury fruits is the Yubari King melon. Expect to pay roughly $200 per melon in Tokyo’s specialty fruit shops. They are valued as gifts and as status symbols. A beverage firm purchased two Yubari King melons for an eye-popping $45,000 in 2010 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its melon-flavored mineral water!most expensive fruits

As the name suggests, they are grown exclusively in the small Hokkaido city of Yubari. These rockmelons were originally developed in the 1950s by crossing Earl’s Favorite with Burpee Spicy.

Their amazing flavour is attributed in part to the rich volcanic soil in which they are grown and in part to their cultivation. They are given helmets to protect them from the sun and are massaged daily to develop the precise lattice pattern on the rind, which takes 100 days to make.

They are highly valued for their aroma and flavour, which is sweet and slightly peppery with pineapple undertones. A far cry from the bland store produce we’re accustomed to.

2. Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

Price: From $90 to $450

Expect to pay between $90 and $450 for a single cluster of these rare luxury grapes. Only 24,000 bundles are collected annually. This 2008-created, juicy, sweet, and low-acid cultivar is only grown and sold in the Ishikawa region of Japan.most expensive fruits

Before being offered for sale, each bunch is subjected to a rigorous inspection for flavour, uniformity of the distinctive ruby colour, and size. And Ruby Roman grapes are gigantic — each one is the size of a table tennis ball.

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There are three classifications: superior, special superior, and premium. Incredibly, only one or two bunches are deemed “premium” each year, meaning they are extremely valuable. In 2020, a single cluster of Ruby Roman grapes sold for $12,000, for example.

3. Densuke Watermelon

Price: From $250 – $6000 per watermelonmost expensive fruits

On the exterior, the dark green to black hues of Densuke watermelons mirror those of more popular types. Nevertheless, they have a very sweet flavour and little seeds. How can you know that the watermelon is an authentic Densuke? Each is protected by a cube-shaped cardboard box and accompanied by a certificate of origin to ensure its authenticity.

4. Taiyo No Tamago Mango

Price: From $50 to $3,600 each

This mango’s name translates to “egg of the sun.” Even though they are grown primarily in the Miyazaki prefecture of the Kyushu region, they are of the Irwin mango variety.most expensive fruits

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The high sugar content and beautiful coloration of these premium mangoes are the reasons for their elevated price tag of between $50 and $3,600. Their colour might range from the most intense orange or red to violet. The pulp has a texture that melts in the mouth, and even the skin is edible. Recently, Israeli and Indian producers have begun cultivating these gorgeous fruits, as their appeal has spread beyond Japan.

5. Square Watermelon

Price: From $100 To $800 per watermelon

If large watermelons take up too much space in your refrigerator, perhaps watermelon cubes are the solution to this pressing problem. And you would be willing to pay a bit more, correct? However, $200-$800 may appear expensive for a regular or garden watermelon, excluding the unusual shape. You will therefore be relieved to learn that you can purchase a square watermelon for as low as $100!most expensive fruits

In the 1970s, square watermelons were invented in Japan to make them easier to stack. The shape is obtained by restricting a young melon within a box, which it will fill as it grows. It will undoubtedly solve your storage issue, and its flavour is identical to that of any other watermelon. If you’re searching for a conversation-starting novelty fruit to serve your visitors, a square melon is your best bet.

6. White Jewel Strawberry

Cost is $10 each

White Jewel strawberries are grown by a single farmer in the Japanese prefecture of Saga and cost approximately $10 each. However, they are almost three times larger than an average huge strawberry, so you will not need to purchase as many.most expensive fruits

Their white hue is a result of the absence of the pigment anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their characteristic red or deep pink hue. White Jewel strawberries are extremely delicious and smell like pineapple.

7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

Price: $85 per boxmost expensive fruits

The Sembikiya Queen Strawberries, also known as Nyohou Strawberries, are named after one of the most renowned fruit vendors in Tokyo. They are sold in boxes of twelve for approximately $85, which is approximately comparable to $214 per pound.

8. Dekopon Citrus

Price: $80 per six-packmost expensive fruits

Each Dekpon Citrus can weigh up to 1 pound. They are comparable to giant mandarins. Due to its top-knot shape, it is frequently referred to as the Sumo citrus. This unique fruit mixes great sweetness with low acidity to provide a fruit experience that is extremely aromatic. It is easy to peel, has seedless, thin skin, and flesh that melts in the mouth.

9. Sekai-Ichi Apple

Price: $21 per applemost expensive fruits

Apples are delicious, but you’re yearning for something else? Try the Sekai Ichi cultivar, which costs approximately $21 per apple. Its appearance and rarity contribute to its high price. Each enormous apple has a flawless red peel and weighs between 1 and 2 pounds. Unfortunately, this means that each tree can only produce a certain quantity, making mass production impossible.

10. Sembikiya Cherry

Price: $160 per boxmost expensive fruits

Small glasshouses are used to cultivate Sembikiya cherry to ensure that their size, colour, and quality match the stringent requirements for this premium fruit. For optimal aesthetic appeal, each unit’s size and colour must be similar.

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