Top 12 Most Developed Countries in Africa in 2022! Latest Updates

Since the dawn of humanity, strong empires like Ancient Egypt and the Mali Empire have existed on the continent of Africa. However, as Western nations rose to power in recent ages, they began invading African countries, which halted the advancement of the African people.

All of the African countries began to advance as the colonial era in Africa came to an end, although each developed at a different rate. While some African countries still require foreign assistance to stand on their own, others could rise more quickly and create developed cities in Africa.

The United Nations’ Human Development Index reflects on the progress of 189 nations worldwide, focusing on three important areas: longevity (later renamed “Long and healthy life”), knowledge, and decent living standards.

They assign a value to each nation after taking into account all the variables and comparing them to one another. Any figure below 0.550 is considered low, anything between 0.550 and 0.699 is considered medium, and anything above 0.800 is considered very high.

The twelve most developed nations in Africa will be discussed in this article.

1 Mauritius 0.804
2 Seychelles 0.796
3 Tunisia 0.740
4 Botswana 0.735
5 Libya 0.724
6 South Africa 0.709
7 Gabon 0.703
8 Morocco 0.686
9 Cape Verde 0.648
10 Namibia 0.646
11 So Tomé and Principe 0.625
12 Eswatini 0.611

1. Mauritius

most developed countries in africa

The East African island nation of Mauritius obtained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1968. Since then, the Mauritian economy has grown annually, making it the most secure and stable country in Africa.

Reducing income-based inequality, which has been increasing as the economy grows, is one of Mauritius’ major concerns. But Mauritius is the most industrialised nation in Africa.

2. Seychelles

most developed countries in africa

According to the UN’s Human Development Index, Seychelles is the second-most developed nation in Africa (HDI). Most of the Millennium Development Goals were accomplished by the country. The nation has excellent infrastructure.

There are eight airports with dirt runways and six airports with paved runways in this region. Additionally, one of the richest nations in Africa is Seychelles.

3. Tunisia

most developed countries in africa

Tunisia is categorised by the UN agency as a “high” human development country with an estimated HDI of 0.740. The nation is the second most developed in North Africa and the fourth most developed nation in all of Africa.

4. Botswana

most developed countries in africa

Since it was able to successfully emerge from the ruins of the colonial era after achieving independence from Britain in 1966, Botswana is a role model for other African countries.

Because of its stability and democratic style of government, Botswana is referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa.” After Mauritius, it is the second-most democratic nation in Africa, and it proudly prospers more and more each year.

The biggest issue Botswana faces is the country’s comparatively high unemployment rate. Botswana is one of the most developed nations in Africa as a result of its democracy.

5. Libya

most developed countries in africa

Libya had the greatest Human Development Index of any nation on the continent when Gaddafi was still in power.

However, all changed when the US-NATO and “rebels” started their heinous and devastating attacks on the Libyan people and their government. They currently rank as Africa’s sixth most developed nation.

6. South Africa

most developed countries in africa

The infrastructure and economy of South Africa are highly developed and mature. This country has well-established cities, a democratic government, and a first-rate transportation network.

Because South Africa has one of the worst rates of income inequality in the world, economic growth has slowed down recently, and the government is working to find a solution.

7. Gabon

most developed countries in africa

One of the most urbanised and educated nations in Africa is Gabon. The Gabonese government has been making strides in the private sector as a substitute for oil because the country is Africa’s fifth-largest producer of oil, which accounts for approximately half of its GDP. And so far, the procedure has been effective. The seventh most developed nation in Africa is Gabon.

8. Morocco

most developed countries in africa

Morocco has maintained a largely stable and successful state since becoming independent. It is regarded as a medium power in international affairs and a member of the African Union, the Union for the Mediterranean, and the Arab League. It has the fifth-largest economy in Africa and exerts substantial influence in both Africa and the Arab world.

9. Cape Verde

most developed countries in africa

Despite its lack of natural resources, Cape Verde is frequently cited as an example among African countries for its stability and development growth. According to estimates, the nation’s Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.648, ranking it as the tenth most developed nation in Africa.

10. Namibia

most developed countries in africa

Namibia, the only German-speaking nation in Africa, is situated on the continent’s southwest coast and boasts some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the entire globe.

Namibia became independent from South Africa in 1990, and ever since then, it has been progressing. Namibia was a German colony, therefore several of its cities resemble Germany. The tenth most developed nation in Africa is Namibia.

11. Sao Tome and Principe

most developed countries in africa

With more than 200,000 people, So Tomé and Principe is the smallest Portuguese-speaking nation in the world as well as the second-smallest sovereign state in Africa after Seychelles.

On the Human Development Index, So Tomé and Principe perform better than the sub-Saharan African average, and the majority of social indicators show significant improvement.

In So Tomé and Principe, all children are enrolled in the educational system, the infant mortality rate has significantly fallen, the life expectancy has grown to 70 years, and the vast majority of people already have access to electricity and piped water.

12. Eswatini

most developed countries in africa

One of the smallest nations in Africa, Eswatini is a developing nation with an economy that is categorised as lower-middle-income. The agriculture and manufacturing sectors of the economy of the nation provide for the majority of jobs.

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