Who is Drew Sangster? Romeo Miller and he took to Instagram about their newly born

Romeo Miller and his fiancée Drew Sangster have brought a lovely baby girl into the world. The rapper and actor made the unique statement via his Instagram account, uploaded on February 14, Valentine’s Day, to commemorate the occasion.

He previously published a 39-second video where he and Sangster are seen announcing the news to the public. “It’s been difficult to keep this secret, but we felt it was vital for us to wait until our baby daughter arrived safely and well before making any public statements this holy journey,” Miller explained. “Psalms 127:3” (Psalms 127:3) “Behold, children are a gift from the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is a prize,” says the prophet.

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While thanking his partner, the 32-year-old also expressed how this was the most excellent Valentine’s Day he had ever had. If you live long enough, your great-grandmother always told me, you’ll come to know that everything (even the most delicate things) happens on God’s schedule, not yours. The most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. I’ve been looking forward to this day my entire life. Thank you very much.”

Drew Sangster’s biographical information

No one knows precisely when the couple first developed feelings for one another, but Miller confirmed it in November 2020 by posting a photo of the two together. Referencing that he is now with Sangster, the rapper stated that he “might grow accustomed to it.”

Sangster is around 30 years old and maintains an Instagram account shielded from the general public’s prying eyes.

Before Sangster, Miller was attempting to win the affections of Angela Simmons, but their relationship ended on a sour note; according to reports, Miller and Simmons, the reality show, had to leave the show as a result of their predicament. Miller and Simmons have since reconciled.

Romeo Miller is overjoyed with the birth of his daughter.

Romeo Miller published a picture of his daughter on his Instagram account, joking that she’s his “little twin,” since he immediately formed an emotional connection with her and described her as his “little twin.”

Drew Co. is a baby firm that produces items for babies and children, and Miller and Sangster are both co-founders. Miller and Sangster are also co-founders of the Drewy Co. brand.

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Miller, the well-known rapper and entrepreneur Master P, posted a \on social media. Miller is a musician and business himself. Meanwhile, everyone is abuzz with excitement about the big announcement.

The reaction of friends and family

In his honor, his friend B. Simone complimented him and wrote, “One of the gorgeous infants I’ve ever seen,” in his honor. Although she did not show her happiness, actress and singer Keke Palmer did so by expressing to Miller happiness. “I AM OVERJOYED FOR YOU, ROMEO!” You are a true gentleman, and I am aware of a soon-to-be [sic] wonderful parent who admires you. “God is so kind, so deserving of all he has given you,” she continued.

Fans and other celebrities alike applauded the best of luck as he embarked on this new chapter in his life.

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