BrightBurn 2 Information: Release date, Storyline and Trailer!

Find out everything you need to know about BrightBurn 2! When is the BRIGHTBURN 2 release date? When will BRIGHTBURN 2 be released? What are the actors and the plot of this movie?

Brightburn is a super-power horror film starring Jackson A. Dunn. The story revolves around a boy who identifies with a certain superhuman power and quickly becomes evil and hates people. It is directed by David Yarovesky, who is known for directing Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hive. 

This is a horror movie. Many fans even refer to the movie as the evil Superman or Superman substitute based on the trailer. Today we are going to discuss the story of the first movie, the actors, the director, and the new update of the second movie! 

Similarly, this article contains spoilers for the first movie, please read it carefully.

About the show


Brightburn is an American superhero horror film directed by David Yarovsky, written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn, and produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Wong, released on 2019. This is a very famous and wonderful movie. The film originally adopted the same rhythms as the classic Superman origin story, showing an alien boy named Brandon who grew up in a small town in Kansas and discovered that he had superpowers. However, unlike Clark Kent / Kael, when Brandon realized that his power made him surpass humans, he did not use them as superheroes, but instead used them as dark powers to free other humans and fulfill his bloodthirsty desire.

What to expect from season 2?

Brightburn ends with a credit scene showing the news footage of Brandon (now nicknamed Brightburn in his hometown), featured with Alex Jones Esque (James Gunn’s frequent contributor Michael Rooker) character called The Big T from a Youtube conspiracy theory Show. 

As Big T explained, Brightburn is not the only superpower on earth. On the contrary, according to multiple reports, there are serial killers similar to supermen, including half-sea creatures, half-human monsters known to sink ships, and a witch who strangled people with ropes and told them to tell the truth. So yes, there are also evil versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the Brightburn universe. 

Brightburn 2 features the evil Justice League as a clear setting, complete with its own iteration of DC Trinity and related superheroes (people like Cyborg are simply calling for a physical horror transformation in this myth). The sequel can start in several directions, including a story in which Blaburn and his companions collide with each other while trying to make a plan to rule the world. 

Another possibility is that, contrary to the reversal of the 2017 Justice League movie, when a powerful hero appears and threatens to defeat them all, Blaburn and his super villain must unite. No matter how you look at it, “Unite the League” will have a whole new meaning in the sequel.

Is season 2 officially coming back?

Currently, Sony and Screen Gems have not confirmed that they are working on Brightburn 2. The global box office revenue of the first movie on its first screening weekend was $17.3 million, so it is expected to reach the budget 612 million USD. At the same time, critics and the public have received mixed reactions, so it may be easier to tell whether word of mouth will happen next week. Either way, Brightburn has not been popular from the beginning, and it may take some time for Sony to announce their sequel plans… Of course, suppose they decide to make one. 

One of the factors that favors Brightburn 2 is Sony itself. The studio will restore its largest franchise in the next two years, including horror brands like The Grudge. They are also trying to release new movies in upcoming years, such as Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island horror film restart. Brightburn 2 may be Sony’s addition to the list of future horror products given its evil superhero spin. However, if it is approved, you are unlikely to enjoy it soon enoug.

What can be the tentative release date?

There is no clear information on the release of Brightburn 2, but fans can expect Brightburn 2 to release sometime after 2022, because the director of Brightburn 2 is busy with his other jobs (Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad)). 

Brightburn will definitely be very popular when it launches, so the creators hope to start work on Brightburn 2 as soon as other work is completed

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