Everything We Know About Season 10’s Return of When Calls the Heart!

Whew! When Calls the Heart is back for season 10! Hallmark seems to be abandoning many of its long-running scripted series, including Hope Valley.

Picture Perfect Murders, Hailey Dean Mysteries, and Matchmaker Mysteries were canceled. Chesapeake Shores will end after season 6. Thanks for keeping #Hearties happy, Hallmark Channel!

If So, When?

Yes! Hallmark renewed When Calls the Heart on June 17.

When Calls the Heart star and executive producer Erin Krakow said, “I’m thrilled.” Our talented cast, crew, and writers promise more adventures, laughs, tears, and romance in Hope Valley. We’re excited for viewers, especially Hearties, to join us!”

When Calls the Heart continues to push the show’s limits, said Crown Media Family Networks’ EVP of Programming Lisa Hamilton Daly. “There are many more stories to be told about these beloved characters, and we can’t wait for everyone at home to watch.”

Krakow: “I’m thankful. Joyful. It’s mind-boggling to think about a decade of When Calls the Heart. Amazing! “I’m thrilled.”

When Calls the Heart season 10 production?

When Calls the Heart’s tenth season will likely begin production this summer and premiere in early 2023.

What Are Season 10’s Storylines?

Even without renewal, we can predict season 10 storylines: Chris McNally’s Lucas and Elizabeth’s romance likely continue (Erin Krakow). Bill’s (Jack Wagner) illness may be revealed, along with its severity. Rosemary’s (Pascale Hutton) pregnancy brings drama (real or imagined). The oil company, foundry, and mines’ futures will be revealed. Hope Valley’s singles may find love.

Season 10 When Calls the Heart Cast

Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)

After her husband’s death, Elizabeth raises Toddler Jack (Hyland Goodrich) alone. She’s published a book and is dating Lucas, though their relationship hasn’t been easy.

Hope Valley’s Mountie Nathan Grant has a precocious tween niece, Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller). Nathan, a single Hope Valley mountie, is open to love, but with whom?

Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard) is a world traveler with secrets. Lucas loves Elizabeth and Little Jack, but his business has been stressful.

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Wagner (Bill Avery)

Avery, a former lawman and forensic investigator, is a Hope Valley judge. Avery wasn’t always law-abiding at first, but he’s since changed. Bill’s season 9 cough is debilitating.

Wagner was in Melrose Place and General Hospital.

Jack Wagner Reveals His One Need

Amanda Wong (Mei Suo) Mei rode into town to escape a man who wanted to possess her. When her supposed husband arrived, Mei had to return to Chicago to face him in court.

Hutton, Smith (Rosemary and Lee Coulter)

After Rosemary LeVeaux fell in love and married Lee Coulter, fans warmed to her not-so-humble airs.

Lee rode a motorcycle into town, fell for Rosemary, and married her. His wife revived the town newspaper and is its editor, writer, and publisher.

The Coulters have struggled to have children for several seasons, but things may change.

The two actors have great chemistry and have appeared in multiple Hallmark Channel movies together.

Rosemary’s Pregnancy Details

Hickam is Hope Valley’s new mayor, but he wants out. It’s unclear if his feelings for Fiona (Kayla Wallace) are mutual or if he plans to act on them. He bumbled through his first few seasons, but now he’s a hard worker and businessman.

Matthews, Walsh (Ned and Florence Yost)

After years together, they married in season 8. After the mine collapsed, Florence and many others became widows.

Wallace, Kayla (Fiona Miller)

Fiona helped the phone company set up communication in Hope Valley. She bought a barbershop after being fired without warning. She’s with an oil company.

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Brooks (Dr. Faith Carter)

Faith is now the town doctor with Dr. Shepherd in Boston. Faith and Carson’s long-distance relationship is unknown, so watch this season to find out!

Vienna, Viv, Natasha, Elias (Angela, Joseph, Minnie, Cooper Canfield)

The Canfields wanted a fresh start and bought Henry’s old property. Angela is a prodigy pianist. Blind. Joseph Canfield wanted to buy the town gas station, but he’s also handy. Minnie is Abigail’s cafe employee.

Angela and Cooper are real-life siblings and Viv Leacock’s children.

Newmarch (Molly Sullivan)

Molly’s husband died in season 1’s mine collapse. She’s Florence’s BFF and a gossip.

HG (Jack Thornton, Jr.)

Goodrich replaced Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor as Baby Jack in season 9. Twins played Elizabeth and Jack’s son for three seasons. Hyland’s debut.

(The Kids of Hope Valley – Timmy Lawson, Opal Weise, Anna Hayford, Allie Grant, Robert Wolfe, Emily Montgomery) Christian Michael Cooper, Ava Grace Cooper, Kadence Roach, Jaeda Lily Miller, Jaiven Natt, Gracyn Shinyei.

We’ve watched Hope Valley’s kids grow. Young actors have been with the show since the beginning. Vienna and Elias Leacock play Angela and Cooper Canfield, and Christian and Ava Cooper play unrelated characters.

When Does When Calls the Heart season 10 Start?

Just renewed, so no premiere date yet. Season 10 will likely debut in 2023.

When Calls the Heart season 10 has 10 episodes.

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If no Christmas movie, we’ll get a 12-episode season 10.

When Calls the Heart has 123 episodes.

Season 10 Will Be the Show’s 100th.

Chris McNally, who plays Lucas Bouchard, Elizabeth’s fiance, says it’s a “cool milestone.” “I don’t feel I’ve earned it because I’ve only been there since season 6, so I’m happy to be five years in.” I love the show’s content and original cast members.

That’s impressive. I’m glad to be a part of a show that’s gone that far. Hope Valley has more to tell. So long as they give us chances, keep going.”

Lindsay Sturman (Supergirl) joins as a season 10 showrunner. Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President of Development at Crown Media Family Networks, said, “We’re excited to welcome our new showrunner, Lindsay Sturman.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is When Calls the Heart’s location?

When Calls the Heart is filmed near Vancouver. Most of Jamestown is filmed in Hope Valley on the family-owned MacInnes Farm.

Sets with two levels (row house, saloon) don’t have a room upstairs to film, so those spaces are created elsewhere.

What’s the WCTH spinoff?

When Hope Calls, a spinoff, is available on Hallmark Movies Now. After their parents died, Lillian (Morgan Kohan) and Grace (Jocelyn Hudon) were separated as children. Grace stayed in foster care until she turned 18 while Lillian was adopted soon after. As adults, they open an orphanage. GAC Family revived the spinoff for season 2.

When Calls the Heart seasons 1-8 streaming?

Hallmark Movies Now has all seasons of When Calls the Heart.

iTunes, Prime Video, and other streaming services offer When Calls the Heart back seasons. Previous seasons’ DVDs are available.

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Whew! We’ve got a new season of When Calls the Heart coming up! Many of Hallmark’s long-running scripted series, such as Hope Valley, appears to be on the way out. Canceled shows include Matchmaker Mysteries and Picture Perfect Murders. There will be no more seasons of Chesapeake Shores after this one. #Hearties are grateful to Hallmark Channel for keeping them happy!

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