The Five Wealthiest American Idol Winners Ever!

For years, American Idol was a very popular television show that aired for all 15 seasons. There were several judges present at the time. Simon Cowell, one of the show’s creators and the judge with the reputation of being the meanest of the bunch, was the most well-known.

During its time, it helped to launch the careers of many musicians who would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Some of the show’s contestants have gone on to have very successful careers, earning a lot of money.

Some were competition winners, while others were not and were still signed by music labels despite not winning the competition. The five richest American Idol winners of all time are listed below.

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Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry competed in American Idol Season 5. He did not, however, win the competition. He finished fourth in the competition. Chris has loved music since he was 16 years old, which is why he decided to compete in the show. After being eliminated, he signed with RCA Records and released his debut album as Daughtry just a few months later.

His album topped the charts almost immediately after its release. He was even nominated for a Grammy for his single, It’s Not Over. Home, Over You, and Gone were also popular songs on his album. Following the success of his band’s debut album, he collaborated with Sevendust, Chad Kroeger, Slash, Theory of a Deadman, Carlos Santana, Vince Gill, and Brad Arnold.

Daughtry followed up their debut album with three more. Leave This Town debuted in 2009, Break the Spell debuted in 2011, and Baptized debuted in 2013. He even dabbled in acting, appearing as a guest on CSI: NY, Studio City, The Passion: Live, and Troliz. He has an estimated net worth of $8.5 million.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks competed on American Idol Season 5 and performed on stage for the first time despite having no formal vocal training. She had natural talent since she was a toddler. She went on to win American Idol, becoming the show’s youngest winner in history.

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When she was 17, she released her debut album shortly after her victory. No Air, her new single featuring Chris Brown, was released. It went on to become the best-selling single by an American Idol contestant.

After the success of her first album, she went on to release three more. Right Here Right Now in 2015 and Battlefield in 2009. She not only headlined her own tour in 2010, but she also appeared on two American Idol tours in 2007 and 2008. She also opened for several successful tours, including the Jonas Brothers in 2009 and Britney Spears in 2009.

Jordin was nominated for 11 prestigious awards and received nine of them. She portrayed herself and other characters on several television shows, appeared in six films, and performed on Broadway in 2010. Jordin has a $10 million net worth.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson competed on American Idol Season 3 and was one of the finalists, though she did not win. She released three albums after winning American Idol. Her self-titled debut album came out in 2008, followed by I Remember Me in 2011, and JHUD in 2014. Jennifer found the majority of her film success when she was cast as Effie White in Dreamgirls.

She landed the role of Louise in Sex and the City after Dreamgirls, and her career took off from there. She has landed numerous television and film roles since winning American Idol. So far in her career, she has been nominated for 37 awards and has won 38 of them.

Jennifer struggled with her weight for years, but after becoming a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, she lost a significant amount of weight and looks fantastic.

Jennifer suffered a major tragedy despite her fame and fortune. William Balfour, her sister’s husband, murdered her mother, brother, and nephew. She describes it as the most trying experience of her life.

Following the tragedy, she was there for her sister who had lost her son, and she established a domestic violence foundation in memory of her mother, brother, and nephew.

Balfour was arrested, charged, and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Jennifer says the sentence was a relief, but nothing could ever bring her family back, so the news of his sentence was bittersweet. Jennifer has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was the first American Idol winner. She became an internationally acclaimed singer just a few months after winning. She is the only American Idol contestant who is ranked first in both the United Kingdom and the United States. She has sold over 10.02 million albums in the United States and over 20 million albums worldwide during her career.

Following the release of her self-titled debut album in 2003, she released Breakaway in 2004, My December in 2007, All I Ever Wanted in 2009, Stronger in 2011, Wrapped in Red in 2013, and Piece By Piece in 2015. She headlined seven tours in total. She has played herself as well as characters in television show over the years. Kelly has a fortune of $25 million.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has been dubbed the “Princess of Country Music” since her appearance on Season 4 of American Idol. She has had several hit singles since her time on American Idol, including Some Hearts in 2005, Carnival Ride in 2007, Play On in 2009, Blown Away in 2012, and Storyteller in 2015.

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In addition, she headlined five tours. She performed in 83 concerts in just one year. Carrie has received numerous music and video awards throughout her career. She was also the subject of a VH1 Behind the Music episode. Carrie is the most successful American Idol contestant, with a net worth of more than $45 million.

American Idol has produced some incredible superstars. Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Fantasia Barrino, Katherine McPhee, and David Cook are the runners-up for the most successful former contestants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has more wealth: Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood?

$140 million is the estimated value of Carrie Underwood

Kelly Clarkson’s net worth of $45 million is impressive, but Carrie Underwood far surpasses her earnings. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Underwood’s net worth to be approximately $140 million.

How much do contestants on American Idol earn?

How much do American Idol winners get in prize money? The Blast reportedly obtained a contract signed by a 17-year-old contestant in 2019 that reveals the show’s winner receives approximately $250,000 in prize money.

Which judge on American Idol is the wealthiest?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lionel Richie has an estimated net worth of $200 million as of April 2022. This is largely due to his extensive discography spanning decades of work.


American Idol was a 15-season TV hit. Judges were present. Simon Cowell was one of the show’s creators and the meanest judge. It helped launch the careers of many undiscovered musicians. Some contestants have had successful careers and made a lot of money. Some were competition winners, while others weren’t but were signed by labels.

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