Twitter’s Top Ten Most Followed Accounts: Know Twitter Account Analysis Utilizing Tweet Binder?

Twitter is where we all go to express our opinions on any subject (always attempting to do so will be respected) and to communicate with celebrities. These are the most prominent Twitter accounts. Twitter is also where we receive the most recent news updates.

In fact, Twitter’s use as a source of information has grown substantially, and the most popular news channels on Twitter have a large number of followers who seek information. This is also how trending hashtags on Twitter are created.

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Fans can express their admiration for the latest album by their favorite artist. In addition, artists can respond to these tweets by replying, retweeting, or liking them. Musicians and artists tend to have the most popular Twitter accounts; let’s examine a list to determine which account has the most followers. Prepare to learn who the most popular Twitter users are.

The number of followers is the most accurate indicator of an account’s popularity. However, keep in mind that it is not the only one. Twitter accounts with the most followers are important, but it is true that followers can be bought nowadays, so be wary of accounts with a large number of followers but little engagement. Being the most followed on Twitter is akin to having the most money in Monopoly (Hello, Hasbro!).

Nonetheless, there are accounts with millions of followers who have earned them legitimately. In fact, celebrities are always found in the top positions. We do not believe they purchased followers. These are accounts from musicians, soccer players, television shows, and even former presidents; the Twitter accounts with the most followers are always famous people. A few years ago, we are confident that the bitcoin Twitter community was one of the most followed.

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We will be focusing on the top 10 Twitter accounts by a number of followers (top 10 most followed Twitter accounts, data from June 2022):

  • Barack Obama @BarackObama has 131,4 million followers.
  • Justin Bieber @justinbieber 114,4M
  • Katy Perry @katyperry 108,9M
  • Rihanna @rihanna 106,2M
  • Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano 99,4M
  • Elon Musk @elonmusk 96M
  • Taylor Swift’s Twitter account is @taylorswift13 90,3M
  • Lady Gaga @ladygaga 84,5M
  • Narendra Modi @narendramodi 78,2M
  • Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow has 77.7 million followers.

What Twitter Accounts Do Famous People Follow?

You can also view which other Twitter accounts these celebrities follow. Tweet Binder has a dashboard that displays which Twitter accounts celebrities follow. In the following image, for instance, Barack Obama is followed by YouTube and Justin Timberlake, while Justin Bieber is followed by Jennifer Lopez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and two other individuals.

Twitter Celebrities

Here you can see which Twitter accounts celebrities follow. You can also view the celebrity accounts with the most followers. Nice device.

Extremely popular Twitter accounts frequently follow a small number of users. However, there are exceptions to this rule in this case. Barack Obama, for instance, follows 589,225 users, whereas Justin Bieber follows 287,235 accounts.

This is uncommon because it is difficult to keep track of what a large number of Twitter accounts are sharing. Obviously, it makes no sense to follow zero accounts. This is the situation with Taylor Swift. We are huge fans of this artist, but we do not recommend following their account with zero followers.

However, we must acknowledge that she interacts frequently with all of her swifties. In addition to her own account, she also uses the @taylornation13 account.

Twitter Account Analysis Utilizing Tweet Binder

Having such a large number of followers makes it essential to monitor what they say. These followers could be saying positive things about the account, or they could be saying negative things. This is when Tweet Binder is useful. Our reports allow you to monitor anything on Twitter. How? You can activate three different Twitter report types for these types of actions:

To analyze all original tweets shared by a particular Twitter account. Twitter user study
Tracking what has been tweeted about the account in the past.

Historical Twitter Reports!

Twitter real-time report: to begin analysis immediately. Twitter Real-Time Reports!
If you have an army of followers, it is important (if not essential) that you understand what they are saying.

Obviously, the artist should not read every Twitter comment made about them. Users are often cruel when expressing their opinions, which can be detrimental to the artist. This is the responsibility of account managers. They are responsible for monitoring what is being said.

Renowned Twitter Accounts Emphasize

This article will examine Twitter’s popularity from two distinct perspectives:

This number has traditionally been used to indicate popularity; however, there are many ways to fake this number: you can buy followers or follow a large number of users to receive follow-backs. Today, anyone can find a Twitter follower tracker that aids in monitoring the fluctuating number of followers. This is a significant number, but certainly not the only one.

The economic value of a user’s tweet indicates how much that tweet would be worth on the market. In Tweet Binder, we’ve developed this new influence metric to complement the number of followers; the Top Twitter accounts don’t necessarily have to have a large number of followers; they can also have a high economic value.

The greater the economic value, the greater the user’s influence. You can learn more about the monetary worth of a hashtag or a user by combining a variety of metrics.

To determine the number of followers, we will simply use Twitter’s website, where you can view the number of followers for these Top Twitter accounts. We will use Twego for influencers, a new tool from the Tweet Binder family, to determine the economic value. If you wish to analyze Ellen or Katy Perry’s tweets and accounts, simply continue reading and have fun!

Let’s examine the top ten Twitter accounts with the highest engagement value:

  • Barack Obama @BarackObama $167,984.97 $180,937.84
  • Justin Bieber @justinbieber $148,048.29 $157,908.99
  • Katy Perry @katyperry $141,644.72 $26,505.22
  • Rihanna @rihanna $138,170.24 $734,864.86
  • Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano $129,646.04 $725,579.01
  • Elon Musk @ElonMusk $119,591.08 $1,585,059.96
  • Taylor Swift $119,539.61 $1,579,437.55 @taylorswift13
  • $131,279.43 $195,557.37
  • Lady Gaga @ladygaga $112,632.74 $151,974.62
  • Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow $104,089.90 $2,363.86
  • Narendra Modi @narendramodi $104,192.32 $81,732.02

Isn’t it amazing?! There are a few accounts that receive an ENORMOUS amount of engagement, particularly Justin Bieber and Barack Obama. Their engagement value is greater than ten times the market value.

This indicates that they are receiving significantly more engagement than predicted by our algorithm. YouTube, Katy, and Ellen (we love you, Ellen, it’s okay) are two accounts with lower engagement values. If you wish to determine the true influence of a Twitter user, you should consult Twego and compare the engagement value to the market value.

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The true measure of influence would be the relationship between engagement value and economic value. If greater than 1, it is positive; if less than 1, the account’s engagement is low and should be increased.

Examining Prominent Twitter Accounts

Keeping track of popular Twitter accounts is straightforward with Tweet Binder, as demonstrated. You can quickly identify the Twitter accounts with the most followers. In less than five minutes, it is possible to learn everything said about any account.

This example has been tested with @barackobama, the Twitter account with the most followers. Do you require stats from an alternate account? What are you expecting?

Seeking Top Twitter Posts

We are aware that tweeting is all about expressing your opinion. However, it is also essential to affect as many individuals as possible. Therefore, when a user sends a tweet, he is primarily anticipating an RT or Like click. Popular Twitter accounts have a significant impact, and the Top Twitter accounts consistently receive a great deal of engagement.

Today’s marketing campaigns aim to go viral, or at least that’s what social media managers hope for. Top tweets are part of the viral phenomenon era in which we currently reside. A top tweet is not a tweet sent by a popular person or from a top Twitter account; it is simply a tweet that received an unexpected level of engagement, primarily retweets, and likes.

In fact, the culture of influencers is partially founded on this concept. According to what they told us when an influencer sends a post, he knows that it will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

In some sense, this can be classified as a virus. How then can marketing managers identify the most popular tweets sent during their campaign? Using Tweet Binder makes this a breeze! Twitter’s advanced search will assist you in locating these tweets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the most followed person on Twitter in India?

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

As of October 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had the most popular Twitter profile in India, with 72 million followers. With 46 million followers, veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan had the second most popular account.

Who is the most popular on Tiktok?

D’Amelio, Charli

Charli D’Amelio has the most followers on the platform, with over 136 million. Loren Gray, the previous most-followed account, was surpassed on March 25, 2020.

Who has the most Instagram followers?

Ronaldo, Cristiano

As of May 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most popular Instagram accounts. With 440.41 million followers, he is the most followed person on the photo-sharing app platform. With approximately 504 million followers, Instagram’s own account was ranked first.


Clearly, Tweet Binder can assist you in conducting a comprehensive analysis of your hashtag, term, or keyword. However, because this information is so valuable, it cannot be used to identify the most popular tweets within a campaign.

The reports generated from our homepage return up to 500 tweets from the previous week. These are the free reports; if you are a PRO user, you can view up to 20,000 or 140,000 tweets, depending on your plan.

These commands can be incorporated into any type of Twitter campaign. For instance, they are very useful for Twitter chats because they help to identify relevant tweets sent during the chat.

Everyone is on Twitter in some capacity, and we consistently follow one of the Top Twitter accounts. You can use a personal account or a fake account to read tweets and scroll through the timeline. Larry is the name of the bluebird Social Network, from which no one can escape. Twitter provides a venue for artists and their fans to become more connected.

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