5 Popular Rappers Without College Degrees

Can a person be successful without a college degree? For many modern students, this question is obvious. The educational process helps people acquire important skills to realize their ambitions in a particular area. Plus, you’re unlikely to be able to get a job in a large company without a degree. However, the music industry is an exception to the rule. There are quite a few rappers who have become popular without visiting a college campus every day. Here are five musicians you should know about.

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Most likely, you have heard about this famous rapper at least once. Jay-Z grew up not the most exemplary child and even tried to study at a high school in Brooklyn. However, the teenager contacted a bad company and dropped out of college. Thanks to the willpower and support of relatives, Jay-Z was able to change and dedicated his life to music. Luck smiled at the guy, and his music became so popular that in 2014 he became the third richest rapper in the world.

Now Jay-Z leads a measured life and, with embarrassment, recalls those moments when he decided to ruin his life. Fortunately, the music helped the rapper gain popularity. It is worth noting that the musician has given interviews more than once and mentioned that he regrets the time spent. According to the rapper, college could have helped him avoid many of his problems as a young man.

50 Cent

50 Cent was an idol of the mid-2000s, making dozens of hits that will be remembered for decades to come. But fame and recognition were not Curtis’s companions all his life. At a young age, Curtis James Jackson III was expelled from high school for weapons and drugs. After that, his life was like an action movie. It is worth noting that the future rapper also participated in the shootings and was wounded. This incident greatly influenced Curtis, and he decided to abstract from the criminal world. This is roughly the strategy students choose when they visit Scam Fighter to find the safest writing service on the Internet.

But let’s get back to 50 Cent and his career. The rapper decided to take a chance and devote his life to a musical career. Thanks to Jam Master Jay, the musician got into a dizzying cycle of events and became famous. Now he is one of the most famous rappers in the world. Thousands of aspiring musicians trying to copy his style and manner of singing. According to Curtis James Jackson, he does not regret that he decided to connect his life with music and is glad that he was able to give up drugs.


Many people are surprised at how quickly Kesha was able to become a popular singer. Her career began at 17 when she decided she was wasting her time in high school. According to the rapper, the educational process was very difficult for her. Plus, Kesha didn’t know which profession to choose. Thanks to the advice of friends, she decided to change her life and signed the first contract.

Fortunately, the young rapper was noticed by famous producers, and Kesha was able to gain popularity in the United States and far beyond. However, the rapper admits that she was very worried when concentrating exclusively on her musical career. According to Kesha, it was like jumping into outer space without a spacesuit. However, the radical act of the musician was the beginning of a successful career.


Most rappers started their music careers as a protest, trying to show the imperfection of society and excessive levels of violence. Eminem is a classic example of how a person can build vast popularity through hard work. The educational process was torture for the young Marshall Bruce Mathers. Many teenagers beat him, and in the end, he decided to change his life. It wasn’t a hard decision. Marshall decided that he would work to help the family and pursue a musical career along the way.

In the late 90s, he became popular, thanks to the producers. Now he is one of the highest-paid musicians in the world. Eminem became an example for those who lost their faith. Many teenagers began their musical careers precisely thanks to his songs. It is worth noting that the musician never regretted that he dropped out of high school. According to Marshall, the educational process was too difficult, and he decided that he did not see the point in it.


Nas became known as the best East Coast hip hop singer and rapper back in the mid-’80s. Due to the busy concert schedule, the musician had to forget about high school and college. However, Nas studied African culture at the Five-Percent Nation. The rapper realized his ambitions through a successful career and even became one of the most influential African American patrons. In some interviews, Nas mentioned that the educational process would interfere with his career, and he decided not to risk it. However, the musician’s choice turned out to be correct, and he achieved success.

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