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He was born on July 24th, 1941, in Los Angeles, California. He’s also been in a number of high-profile s**-related incidents, including an arrest. Other accolades include the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which he has received.

As a token of appreciation for his efforts, the town where he grew up named a park after him. The park’s name was renamed again once the s** trafficking case involving Peter came to light. He has been involved in a number of legal disputes and controversies.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

Early Life

Nygard was raised in Helsinki, Finland, and graduated from the University of Helsinki. It’s unclear exactly when he was born. Either 1941 or 1943, depending on how you count it.

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The year Peter was born (1952), Eeli and Hikka, his parents, were working as bakers in Finland when they decided to move to Canada. In the end, they ended up in Winnipeg. In 1964, Nygard earned a business degree from the University of North Dakota.

Jacobs Fashions hired him as a sales manager for a new women’s denim brand while he was just out of college. Peter purchased a 20% ownership in the company in 1967 with his life savings and a loan of around $8,000 from the company’s founder Nathan Jacob. Peter bought out Nathan and rebranded the company Tan Jay within a few years.

Success Story

Additionally, in 1967, he established his own clothing manufacturing company, which he named simply “Nygard.” Sportswear was the company’s first line of business. In 1978, the corporation began operating in the United States.

Nygard International, the company’s current name, is based in Manhattan’s Times Square. In recent years, the company has become one of the world’s leading makers and suppliers of women’s clothes.

The company’s annual revenue is in excess of $500 million. More than 12,000 individuals throughout the world work for Nygard International, which has 200 retail locations in North America. Dillard’s, Walmart, Costco, and many more retailers carry its merchandise.

Among Peter’s many charitable contributions to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is his enthusiastic support for breast cancer research. In addition, he has helped the Bahamas Amateur Boxing Federation squad achieve Olympic victory by providing assistance and encouragement. Eight of his wives have given him at least nine offspring.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

Private Planes

In addition to his private planes, Peter owns at least two Boeing 727s that bear his name across the whole body.


Ten women filed a civil class-action lawsuit against Peter in February 2020, accusing the billionaire of assaults at his seaside Bahamas estate. Alleged s** trafficker: He has been accused of utilizing colleagues to recruit underage girls for the prostitution network (the legal age of consent in the Bahamas).

His Bahamian neighbor, hedge fund millionaire Louis Bacon, with whom Nygard has been embroiled in a decades-long rivalry, he claims, is behind the smear campaign, which he has categorically denied.

For his extravagant parties, he would fly in women from all around the world. According to a New York Times investigation, he has an entourage of women who identify themselves as “paid girlfriends.”

More than 700 women were on a list kept by Nygard’s staff that they could invite to parties at a moment’s notice, according to the probe. “Do you see those toilets?” is what he was heard saying while looking at a group of ladies with whom he had not yet had a s**ual encounter, according to the New York Times.

Peter Nygard Net Worth

Nygard Cay

In 1987, Nygard bought his Bahamian compound, which he dubbed “Nygard Cay.” He erected a 32,000 square-foot great hall with a 100,000-pound glass ceiling over the next ten years.

The property was damaged in a fire in 2009. After the fire, Nygard claimed that his neighbor Bacon had started it; however, Bacon denied this charge. He unveiled a $50 million renovation plan that would take two years to complete a few months after the fire.

The Prime Minister’s Office in the Bahamas turned down the proposals. Bacon and Nygard have been at odds for more than a decade because of the fire and the stymied renovations.

There have been more than 25 lawsuits brought against each other by both sides, which have cost each side tens of millions of dollars.

Celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Prince Andrew, Oprah, and Robert DeNiro have visited the resort over the years. Jessica Alba attended a party in Nygard Cay in 2004 while filming “Into the Blue,” which she apparently considered “sick.”

It was during a press tour when Alba, then 23, recalled her experience at Nygard’s house: “These girls are like 14 years old in the Jacuzzi, pulling their clothes off.”

Real Estate

Numerous multi-million dollar houses owned by Peter Nygard may be found throughout Canada and the United States. In the Bahamas, he owns a $1.76 million house. He raped several ladies and held his naked women’s parties in this location.

He also owns a number of properties in Canada and has been charged with tax evasion for them. In terms of his other properties, there aren’t many reports to go on.

Net Worth of Peter Nygard’s

The Net Worth of Peter Nygard is roughly $900 Billion

Peter Nygard Net Worth

Peter Nygard’s Estimated Worth

The Finnish-Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard has an estimated $900 million in wealth. Nygard International, a Canadian-based garment manufacturer, is where he made his money.

Canadian Business Magazine put its fortune at $750 million in 2009. His wealth at that time put him at No. 70 on Forbes’ list of richest Canadians. Today, we estimate the net worth of Mr. Nygard to be $900 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Peter Nygard’s Net Worth?

The current estimated net worth of Peter Nygard is $900 million. Private jets aren’t the only thing he possesses.

What Is Peter Nygard’s Age?

Eighty-nine years old (July 24, 1941)

Is Peter Nygard Indian?

An accused rapist, Peter J. Nygard, is a Finnish-Canadian design executive. The Winnipeg-based Nygard International company he created in 1967 produced women’s clothing.

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