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Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!


There is a good chance you’ve seen Hasbulla Magomedov on TikTok or if you follow combat sports. Even if you don’t have an interest in these things, you’ve probably heard of them. This year, the man became an instant internet star.

Here’s all the information you need about him.

What Is the Significance of Hasbulla’s Renown?

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

An internet sensation from Dagestan, Hasbulla Magomedov is a well-known face.

When he first started posting on Instagram in November 2020, he already had over 2 million followers, and he quickly went famous on TikTok in 2021. It’s mainly pranks and spoofs regarding mixed martial arts that he posts.

Aside from being mentioned by Joe Rogan on his show, Hasbulla’s degree of celebrity has led to his being called out by other high-profile celebrities, including Logan Paul and MMA fighter Rafael Fiziev. Everyone wants to be able to leverage Hasbulla’s power.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s memorable UFC weigh-in is one of Hasbulla’s most well-known videos, and the fighter has been called “Mini Khabib” for it. Their relationship has blossomed into one where they are buddies who often feature in videos together.

Some have speculated that Hasbulla and Khabib are connected because of their close friendship, but we can affirm that this is not the case.

Until now, the most-watched video of the young fighter’s pre-fight ‘press conference’ has been his trash-talking and ‘brawling’ with fellow social sensation Abdu Rozik, 18.

The promotion of the bout between Hasbulla and Abdu by Ashab Tamaev and all others involved in the fight was intense. Fans on social media have been wondering when the Hasbulla versus Abdu Rozik battle will take place, but no date has yet been set.

The Sports Association of Little People of Russia has called the fight “unethical” and criticized its idea of it.

It’s not clear if this backlash is to blame for the bout’s postponement or cancellation.

Even when confronted with celebrities like UFC star Connor McGregor, Hasbulla is unfazed, and his antics have won him fans in the MMA and the general public alike.

Facts About Hasbulla:

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

This Is the Most Recent News From Hasbulla:

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

Hasbulla was recently spotted in Mecca conducting the Umrah, which appears to show that he is a practicing Muslim. Shared a video of himself at Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca during Ramadan.

Hasbulla Is How Old?

As of 2022, Hasbulla is actually 19 years old, despite the fact that he appears to be much younger.

As a result of his short size and high-pitched voice, some speculate that he is a dwarf. Hasbulla was born in 2003, however, the exact day of his birth is unknown at this time.

Hasbulla’s Height Is What?

Approximately 3′ 3″ (1 meter) is the height of the 19-year-old.

Several sources claim that he weighs slightly over 16 pounds, which is almost 2.5 stone.

How Much Money Does Hasbulla Magomedov Have?

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

Hasbulla’s net worth has not yet been published.

He is projected to see a large increase in fortune as a result of his newfound notoriety.

Because of his recent rise to prominence and prospective battles, Hasbulla has been shown making demands for millions of dollars in cash on skit videos.

What Is Hasbulla Magomedov’s Current State of Health?

Hasbulla may be born with a rare kind of dwarfism, but this has yet to be proved.

He has a high-pitched voice and restricted growth due to a genetic condition.

This condition, which results in stunted growth and other abnormalities such as bowed legs or an oddly curled spine, is called dwarfism. According to the NHS, this might be caused by a lack of growth hormone production in the body, but it can also be a result of genetics.

For the most part, those who are born with dwarfism can have regular, healthy lives.

Are There Any Hasbulla Instagrams?

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

In 2021, Hasbulla had amassed a sizable Instagram following, amassing over 2 million followers.

On December 3rd, 2021, Russian media announced that the online sensation had been suspended from the network after sending ‘vile death threats’ to a female user.

Is Hasbulla Related to Anyone?

Despite the fact that Hasbulla’s parents are unknown, he has a brother who can be seen in the following tweet from the HasbullaHive Twitter account.

To add to the intrigue surrounding the Instagram controversy, in December 2021, it was revealed that Hasbulla had an older sister who had shared an image of her sister online. As before, little is known about them.

High Life for Hasbulla

Since the outrage and criticism, Hasbulla has continued to make waves on social media and in the MMA world.

It has been rumored that he has a net worth in excess of $200,000. If the fight with Abdu Rozik goes forward, this number is likely to rise quickly. The future of Hasbulla’s career is anyone’s guess at this point.

Who or What Has Made Hasbulla Magomedov a Legend?

Do You Know Who This Person Is Called Hasbulla? The Truth About His Age, Wealth, and Health, Revealed!

A Mini Version of Khabib

After a video of him mimicking Khabib Nurmagmadov’s UFC 229, the weigh-in was posted online, he was dubbed “Mini Khabib” by the MMA community, and he’s been proud of it ever since.

Intriguingly, the two of them are also friends. He and UFC have been buddies since Hasbulla originates from Dagestan and took up MMA. The two have been photographed and featured on each other’s social media accounts. While they share a physical resemblance, the two are not related by blood.

His social media accounts feature photos and videos of him alongside notable Russian fighters, as well as footage of him wrestling with pals.

Hasbulla became a sensation in the MMA community when a number of videos of his antics and training went viral. Abdu Rozik, who has the same growth issue as Habulla and is almost the same height as Habulla, is his most popular video.


Hasbulla has picked up boxing and mixed martial arts as a way to join the herd because Dagestan has been a consistent source of powerful MMA competitors. When it comes to social media, a video of the diminutive boxer slamming the camera in the face is a common sight.

In addition, his posts show him regularly weight training, sparring, and grappling with opponents in the gym, as well as the gradual growth of his training skills, combination strikes, and submits. However, that’s probably just for show and theatrics.

Revving Up a Vehicle

Hasbulla automotive collection is well-known to those who follow him on Instagram. Photos of him surrounding and displaying new BMWs and AMGs flood his social media account.

Despite his diminutive stature, he has been observed driving a car while lapping the driver, dangerously riding a quad bike through the streets of his neighborhood, and solely operating a 4WD down the coast. But that’s not where he ends it.

With his 9mm firearms and knives, the daredevil may be seen in several of the videos that have been released thus far. AK-104 rifle was observed being fired by him. He tries to lift the weapon himself with the assistance of a police officer but fails. With the help of a cop, he fires the rifle like he’s a veteran soldier, repeatedly.

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