Minecraft Best Prison Server: We Want to Know Which of These Servers Is the Best One to Hack!

Bonuses are given to players who use real money to advance on prison servers. A few of the advantages, such as better products and the ability to dig in unique locations, are quite minor.

Many different Minecraft prison servers are available, all of which can give you a variety of rewarding and entertaining activities. Many of them include innovative features that make the game-play more exciting.

While it can be difficult to know which server to choose, we’ve put together a list of not just a few, but 10 of the greatest Minecraft Prison Servers for you to check out.

The 10 Best Prison Servers for Minecraft

To begin, here are ten of the most popular Minecraft Prison Servers that you should not miss.

Purple Prison

Where else can you find such an excellent prison server than Purple Prison? By completing tasks like mining, constructing, trading, and more, players can level up in Purple Prison. To begin, it’s really simple. The server features big PvP events four times a day.

In terms of Prison servers, Purple Prison is the best in Minecraft. A large part of Purple Prison Server’s appeal is its incredibly clean and well-maintained inmate population. Over the years, this server has attracted many notable players who have contributed to its growth. Yes, you should give it a go.

Mc Prison

That’s why we couldn’t leave this list off one of the first prison servers. When it comes to prison servers, there are few better recognized than “MC Prison.” It’s possible to do just about whatever you’d like to do in prison on this site.

Areas with prison cells, gangs, and guards are common. As an added bonus, it’s the oldest prison in the country.


wonderful staff and an excellent OP-Prison server without any issues. This server is cutting-edge on every level; there are countless intriguing features just waiting to be discovered. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll have a blast exploring this map.

Just a few of the enchantments accessible on the server include explosives, lightning, and a pickaxe that can spawn hostile mobs on foes.

OP Blocks

If you’ve ever wondered what a candy-filled Minecraft prison would look like, OP Blocks might be the answer. That being said, we can attest to the fact that it’s quite enjoyable. You’ll be able to launch a candy-themed mine as you progress through the ranks.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary because everything goes smoothly. This is the server for you if you’re looking for something different and fascinating. It’s been a hit with many people, so maybe you’ll like it too.


If you haven’t tried Pluteria, you should. It’s a fantastic prison server. A wonderful server with a slew of unique features that will keep you occupied for many, many hours, among them: In Pluteria, you’ll find yourself in a Minecraft prison with a twist.

In this game set in outer space, players can go through ten various levels, unlocking new planets along the way. Most of the time spent by players will be spent on planets, where they will mine resources to sell for money. Isn’t that amazing?


MineSuperior is part of the next generation of networks. The game was designed with the player in mind. There are always new ideas being introduced.

As much as possible, we wanted to make it clear. It has become another popular server for inmate-based games.


As a first-timer, this is the greatest place for you to test out some of the top prison servers. On PikaNetwork, new material and things are uploaded frequently, so you’ll never get bored. On this server, there are also mini-games and events.


If you’re in the market for a new server, this one is definitely worth a look. Even weddings are available on this server.

Minecraft Central

As a Minecraft server, Minecraft Central takes great care in making sure its content is always up to date. It also frequently releases new seasons. Personalized content and vote rewards make this server worth a try.


Using TritonPVP, you’ll get the finest possible Skyblock experience! Configurable islands and quests are just the beginning of what this server has to offer.

Everything came to a close with that. Minecraft Prison Servers to try out and get engrossed in! If you have any first-hand knowledge, please share it in the section below. If you know of a good prison server, please let us know so that we may share your experience with it with the rest of the community.

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