Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

It is well known that Maria Victoria Henao is the wife of a notorious drug dealer. Her husband, Pablo Escobar, is one of the world’s most prominent drug traffickers, and his private life has long been a source of fascination for the general public.

So, who exactly is this Maria Victoria Henao persona we’re talking about? What Has Been Happening to Pablo Escobar’s Wife Since He Was Shot?

Pablo’s status as a husband is certainly a puzzle. It’s a tale of a 17-year-old friendship. At the time of her marriage to Escobar, Maria was just 15 years old. As a result, there are a variety of recollections — both happy and bad.

Here, you’ll get a glimpse of the couple’s relationship and comprehension of each other.

Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

Life of Maria Victoria Henao, the Actress

Maria Victoria was a huge fan of dance as a child. When she was born in 1961, she had no idea that she would one day meet the love of her life. Palmira, a little town in Columbia, is where she lives.

At the tender age of 13, she met Pablo for the first time with the help of her brother. As her brother Carlos was a member of the criminal underworld, she was no stranger to it. Pablo Escobar and other thugs were among his contacts as narcotics traffickers.

Comments From Maria on Pablo

People became more interested in Pablo’s wife’s life after his death. Some of the world’s curiosity was eased by Maria Victoria Henao’s openness about her personal life. All of the pleasant moments of her life with Pablo are eloquently documented in her book of the same name. Pablo, in Maria’s words, went to great lengths to woo and entice her.

That Pablo was her Prince Charming was a certainty for Maria, as she had previously believed. He also made her feel like a princess every chance he got.

Escobar, in Maria’s opinion, was the most loving man she had ever encountered. However, her family did not approve of the union because of Pablo’s ties to organized crime. That’s why she took off with the man of her dreams.

Pablo and his wife were about 11 years apart in age. She was only 16 when she became a mother thanks to her covert marriage. The young girl was having a hard time juggling everything at such a young age. Maria, on the other hand, says that Pablo’s unconditional affection eased the situation.

Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

The Childhood of Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria was born in 1961 in Palmira, a tiny town in Colombia. When she was younger, she loved to dance and had two brothers and sisters.

Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria’s Relationship

Carlos, Maria’s brother, worked for Pablo Escobar’s narcotics cartel. Pablo Escobar initially came into contact with her in 1974, when she was just 13 years old thanks to her brother Carlos. Pablo, who was 11 years older than her, was the man she eventually fell in love with.

That’s what Maria told me about her future husband. The gifts he used to give her included a yellow bicycle and romantic melodies, and he would serenade her anytime they would see each other.

The couple decided to flee away and get married secretly when her family objected to their romance because they knew about Pablo’s illicit activities. When she married at the age of 16, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, the following year.

He made me feel like a fairy princess and I was certain he was my Prince Charming,” she said in her book “My Life with Pablo,” about her connection with Escobar.

In 1984, she gave birth to her second child after a seven-year gap. In spite of the fact that Maria and Pablo were having a great time following their marriage, Pablo was having affairs with a number of women, most notably with Colombian author and journalist Virginia Vallejo.

For all his fame and fortune as “The King of Cocaine,” Pablo thought Maria thought he was a real estate magnate instead than a drug lord. In the early years of their marriage, Pablo refused to tell her about his job, despite the fact that she was suspicious of his long absences from home and the large sums of money he brought home.

When he was arrested in 1977, she was surprised to learn of his drug peddling and criminal conduct. When Pablo was brutally murdered in 1993, Maria remained in a connection with him until the end.

She initially had no desire to get involved in her husband’s illicit activities, but as time went on, she developed an aversion to anything having to do with her husband’s world. She was enraged by her husband’s numerous encounters with other women.

Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

At the Hands of the Police, Pablo Escobar Was Shot and Killed

She and Colombia as a whole have suffered greatly throughout the course of their 17-year marriage as a result of her husband’s actions.

To marry him, she broke off all ties with her family, and as a result, she had no one to turn to for advice or support. She didn’t abandon him despite all of this because she may have believed that she couldn’t survive without Pablo’s help.

Both Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, the justice minister, and Luis Carlos Galán, the presidential contender, were killed as a result of Pablo’s involvement. “I realized that day that we were in a tremendous mess,” Maria wrote in her book when she discovered this arrangement.

To put it simply, “My life and the lives of my children are in danger.” She lived in constant terror of being murdered by the people who hated her husband.

In 1993, Pablo Escobar realized that he was going to be killed at any moment, so he instructed Maria and their children to go to a safe location under the government’s protection. Pablo Escobar was killed by police in a rooftop shooting in Colombia.

The Colombian electronic surveillance squad helped police locate him by following his cell phone transmissions. Juan Escobar, Maria’s son, is convinced that his father killed himself.

Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

Life Following Pablo’s Death for Maria Victoria

After Pablo’s death, Maria and her children’s lives took a turn for the worst. While the rest of Colombia and the world celebrated Pablo Escobar’s murder, Maria and her family mourned his death in silence and terror. She longed to make a home for herself in a quiet city, but Pablo’s name followed her everywhere she went.

Since her family was in danger, she had to relocate frequently. For her and her children, she used pseudonyms and relocated to Argentina. They were caught in 1999, even though they had taken additional measures to keep their identity hidden by maintaining a low profile. For stealing and money laundering, the police have charged them.

Maria was allegedly implicated in cocaine trafficking and Pablo’s business secret, according to the police inquiry. It was claimed that she had been involved in his unlawful activities, but she rejected this, claiming these were bogus accusations.

Maria and her children were released from custody after 15 months because of a lack of proof from the police. Afterward, they were charged with money laundering for aiding a narcotics smuggler.

As a lecturer and the author of “Pablo Escobar: My Father,” Juan Escobar is Maria’s eldest child. Maria, her son, and Maria’s mother-in-law all now share an apartment. Because of this, her daughter has cut off all contact with the rest of her family and is living alone.

For the first time in over two decades, Maria Victoria Henao broke her silence in an interview with Colombia’s W Radio in 2018, apologizing on behalf of her husband for his criminal and terrorist operations that wreaked havoc on the lives of many civilians.

Maria Victoria Henao: After Escobar’s Death, What Happened to His Wife?

Wondering if He Had Money, Where Did It Go?

That money never made it to where it should have, and it remains a mystery. Only a few of his possessions and other valuables were seized by the appropriate authorities. Many tangible goods, such as gold, platinum, and cash, were, however, unable to be located.

For his wife Maria Victoria Henao, drug lord Pablo Escobar will always be remembered as a devoted husband. Despite being aware of his adultery, she continued to be romantically involved with him.

In the end, Maria’s family was forced to relocate to Buenos Aires, Argentina, after being refused refuge by both Germany and Mozambique. Her son and Pablo’s mother are currently living in an apartment in Buenos Aires with a new identity of either Mara Isabel Santos Caballero or Victoria Eugenia Henao, which is a pseudonym.

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