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What Is the Identity of Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man Monk?

163 Year Old Man Monk

TikTok followers were astonished last week when videos purporting to be of a 163-year-old guy went viral.

In January 2022, clips of the fragile monk appeared on the @auyary13 page, but by February 2022, they had taken over the internet.

As a result of his remarkable age, he has gained 530,000 followers on TikTok.

However, don’t take everything you read online at face value…

What Is the Identity of Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man Monk?

The Takeover of Tiktok by “163-year-old Man”

These movies appeared on everyone’s “For You” page this week, and TikTok users were awed by the man’s age.

Videos show a man in Thailand who looks to be a monk lying in bed, apparently unable to move or communicate.

Rumors are circulating on the app that he is practicing Sokushinbutsu, the practice of becoming a Buddhist mummy. His physique is exceedingly fragile.

Sokushinbutsu is a Japanese Buddhist tradition in which people are still alive when they are placed in a coffin and left to decay. Although this appears to be staged, the man in the video is not genuinely performing this stunt.

66 million people watched a video this week in which he appears to be lying in bed with his hands on a child’s head, prompting questions about his age.

On TikTok, rumors began to circulate that the man depicted in the videos is 163. Although this may be the case, it isn’t true.

What Is the Identity of Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man Monk?

He’s Not Actually 163

The video was a hoax posted on TikTok and does not depict a 163-year-old man at all.

According to Snopes, he is Luang Pho Yai, a 109-year-old Thai man.

His monastic status in Thailand is confirmed, but it is not Sokushinbutsu, and neither is he 163 years old.

Humans can live 120 to 150 years, according to a study published in Nature Communications magazine in 2021.

Because the body’s ability to recuperate from illness and injury had ceased, the man could not have been 163 years old.

Auyary, his granddaughter, manages his TikTok account, where she keeps followers up to speed on his whereabouts on a regular basis.

You’ll Get to Meet the World’s Oldest Person

Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman, will be the world’s oldest person in 2022.

Her age is officially listed as 119, and she currently resides in a nursing facility in Fukuoka, Japan, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, a Venezuelan who will be 112 years old in 2022, will be the oldest man still alive.

Jeanne Louise Calment, a Frenchwoman from Arles, is the world’s oldest person.

At the time of her death in 1997, she was aged 122 years, 164 days.

What Is the Identity of Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man Monk?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Who Tiktok’s 163-year-old Man Is

As much as Auyary has been posting videos on Vine for some years, it wasn’t until November of 2021 that she posted one featuring her ailing father.

A video showing the creator’s father being taken to the hospital was posted on January 20, 2022. Her videos immediately became increasingly popular as she shared more and more information about the subject.

An update video from just eight days later had over 2 million views, with others attempting to guess his age in the comments.

It wasn’t long before Auyary began posting updates on her father’s condition and her videos grew in popularity.

Despite Auyary’s confirmation that her father is 109 years old, an increasing number of viewers questioned his age and whether or not he practices Sokushinbutsu in the comments.

On February 19, she posted a video showing her father sitting straight with his hands on a child’s head. Since its release, about 70 million people have clicked on the update.

What Is the Identity of Tiktok’s 163 Year Old Man Monk?

Describe Sokushinbutsu in Your Own Words

The Japanese Buddhist tradition of sokushinbutsu, in which persons are mummified while they are still conscious, is an extremely rare occurrence. For this to work, the monks must follow a stringent diet that dehydrates them from within.

They are then buried in a pine box and allowed to meditate for the rest of their lives. That the father of the TikTokers used this technique is unknown, though.

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