Technoblade Real Name: His Real Name, Real Face, and Everything You Need to Know About Him!

YouTube channels are becoming increasingly popular, and there are numerous living instances in front of us of people who have gained a great deal of popularity thanks to their unique video material.

One of the most popular YouTubers is Technoblade. Please continue reading if you want to know more about Technoblade: his real name, his face, and anything else you need to know about him.

The Real Face of Technoblade, His Real Name, His Age, and Other Details Have Been Unveiling

Technoblade Real Name: His Real Name, Real Face, and Everything You Need to Know About Him!

There are several reasons why Technoblade is an internet impact. He is an American Minecraft player with a large social media following. Several fans of the excellent footballer who had fantasized about what he may look like were shocked when Technoblade appeared in 2017.

A Pinhead mask is usually all that stands between him and the world, but after completing the most insane Minecraft challenge, he decided to show his face to the world in real-time to his fans.

What Is the Real Name of Technoblade?

Dave is the alias of American gamer and YouTuber Technoblade. As a result, he is one of the most sought-after online influencers.

With over 8.05 million subscribers, he primarily publishes videos of himself playing video games, but he also throws in some comedic segments every now and again. While his gaming prowess is well recognized, so is the degree of strategy and expertise with which he plays his games.

Early Childhood and Family Relationships

When Technoblade was a child, he was born in the United States state of California. In the United States, he is a citizen of the Caucasian race. He grew raised in a large family with three siblings: a brother and two sisters.

However, he hasn’t mentioned his brother at all. Similarly, he’s kept the identity of his parents a mystery.

If the young man has a formal education, we believe he went to elementary and then high school. In terms of education, Technoblade seems to be avoiding the limelight.

Youtube Career

Technoblade Real Name: His Real Name, Real Face, and Everything You Need to Know About Him!

Technoblade’s career has benefited greatly from the exposure that he has received on YouTube throughout the years. a day after his triumphant journey began, he posted a video with the title “Technoblade vs. Mineplex’s owner.”

See the Face Reveal, Actual Identity, and Net Worth of Technoblade

TechnoThePig was the previous name of his channel, which he later changed. He’s recognized as one of the best players in the world at Minecraft PVP. He primarily uses the Hypixel Minecraft server to make his movies.

These include the Pixel Skyblock Experiment, Proof I Don’t Auto-Click, Skyblock: The Great Potato War, and Beating Minecraft Hardcore Mode with a Steering Wheel.

Having Technoblade as a member of Ph1LzA is an honor. He is also linked to Wilbursoot and Sleepy Bois, Inc. In addition to Minecraft Mondays and SMP Earth, some of his most well-known Minecraft broadcasts include Hypixel Bed Wars, party games, and the story mode of Minecraft.

The History of Technoblade

On June 1, 1999, in California, USA, Technoblade was born. He hasn’t revealed anything about his biological parents. Chris is one of the YouTuber’s four siblings, along with three younger sisters. He also owns a tiny dog called Floof.

What Is the Real Name of Technoblades??

Despite the fact that he is better known by the alias Technoblade, his real name is Dave.

Technoblade Real Name: His Real Name, Real Face, and Everything You Need to Know About Him!

Technoblade’s Residence Is Unknown

For the time being, he’s based out of San Francisco. He began his YouTube career in California, where he attended elementary and high school.

In the future, he went to college in Chicago, Illinois, where he now lives. He has not provided any details on the college course he took. Because of this, he had to leave school and return to San Francisco to live with his father.

Is It Possible That Technoblade Suffers From Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

He does, in fact. In his commentary videos and tweets, the internet streamer has made references to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. On the 27th of September of last year, he officially admitted to having ADHD.

Is There Ever a Day When Technoblade Dies?

There’s no way he dies. This is a direct result of his unwavering devotion to his job. This is because of his desire to break the record for the longest winning streak in a bedwars tournament held by the game developer, Hypixel.

His high status and fortune on the Dream SMP are due in part to this.

Is Technoblade a Prankster or a Hacker?

It’s not true. His accomplishments are the result of years of dedication and hard work.

Quick Info
Real Name Dave B
Nick Name Technoblade
Age 22 years old
Date of Birth June 1, 1999
Family Name Will Update
Place of Origin California, United States
Birth Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Religion Atheist
Current Residence California, United States
Nationality American
Fluently Speaks English
Ethnicity White
Profession(s) Youtuber
Award(s) None
Family Details
Dad Anonymous
Mom Under Research
Brother(s) One Brother
Sister(s) Two Sisters
High School Not Revealed
University Unknown
Academic Qualification Will Update
Physical Stats
Height in Feet 5 feet 5 inches
Weight in Kg 72 kg
Height in Meter 1.66 m
Weight in Lbs 158 lbs
Shoe Size (US) 9
Tattoo None
Measurement Not Mentioned
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Girlfriend Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife Unknown
Son(s) Irrelevant
Daughter(s) Not Applicable
Media Presence Youtube, Instagram, Twitter

It’s Not Clear What Happened to Technoblade

Technoblade Real Name: His Real Name, Real Face, and Everything You Need to Know About Him!

Technoblade just posted a video titled “where I’ve been” in which he reveals that he was diagnosed with cancer in early August and discusses how he feels about it. It was made clear that his primary goal right now is to recover his health with the use of chemotherapy.

Apart from that, he encouraged and informed his listeners to acquire their COVID-19 vaccines and follow any other precautions necessary.

Techno’s admirers have shown him an outpouring of love and support since his revelation, and the hashtag #TechnoSupport has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, indicating that Techno has a devoted, large following of fans who adore his videos and who support him.

Technoblade’s Estimated 2021 Net Worth Is Currently Unknown

Currently, he is worth $1.2 million, according to sources. He is a well-known YouTuber who makes a good living from his channel. Because of his video skills, he gets millions of views on YouTube, and he generates money from it.


In a culture where there aren’t enough chances for everyone, some people have come up with creative ways to bridge the opportunity gap. One of the pioneers in this new period is Technoblade. The recipe for success has been flipped on its head by him because he’s done something utterly unrelated.

Who would have thought that playing video games on a server and broadcasting them, or recording videos of oneself playing video games, would be a lucrative business? It is because of Technoblade and those like him that the next generation is encouraged to try something new because it is entirely acceptable to do so.

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