Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: People Have Been “Interesting” to Her Since She Lost Weight!

The success of Rebel Wilson’s “Year of Health” was huge. The star of “Pitch Perfect” lost almost 80 pounds and reached the weight she wanted to be. But what’s more important is that she seems really happy with the changes she’s made to her life.

One look at her Instagram shows she’s been busy filming a Netflix original movie called Senior Year, hosting the BAFTAs, and traveling extensively. In an interview with People, she said that she shows off her figure “on Instagram shamelessly.”

Diet and exercise have been a frequent topic of conversation for the 42-year-old actress, but how did she succeed? Here is all you need to know:

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: People Have Been “Interesting” to Her Since She Lost Weight!

Rebel Has Said That He Does Not Use the Mayr Method

According to Rebel, she had been following Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr’s “Mayr Cure,” a 100-year-old Austrian diet based on his “Mayr Method.” Mayr thought that the way most people eat and the foods they eat are poisoning their digestive systems. In other words, the purpose was to improve one’s digestive system.

But Rebel said in an Instagram Story, “This was NEVER my diet.” “I have also NEVER recommended any diet pills or magic pills to lose weight,” she said. “Don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of.”

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: People Have Been “Interesting” to Her Since She Lost Weight!

These Days, She Tries to Eat More Protein

Instead, she said that she eats a diet that is high in protein. Rebel revealed in an interview with People that she used to consume 3,000 calories a day.

When she first started the diet, she would consume about 3,000 calories per day, most of which were carbs. “So, I’ve really changed to a high-protein diet, which is hard because I didn’t use to eat much meat. The only meat I consume is boneless skinless chicken breast.

But she says that the coronavirus pandemic helped her slow down and change “bad habits to healthier ones.” It helped her think more about her overall health and how hard it was for her to stop eating when she was upset.

“I think the slowing down really did help,” she says. “I think I ate out of emotions and sometimes ate too much because I didn’t love myself enough. And it does come down to feeling good about yourself and loving yourself.”

She said, “I’m just trying to find a healthy balance all around.” “When I’m in this state, which isn’t my quote, I say, “Nothing is forbidden.” ‘Should we get an In-N-Out burger?’ will be the conversation starter.

In response, I’m saying, “Nothing is forbidden.” I can go there, but I might only eat half as much as I used to. Do you see? And I’ll eat a burger and some fries, which will make you feel better.”

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: People Have Been “Interesting” to Her Since She Lost Weight!

Since She Lost Weight, People Have Changed How They Treat Her

She talked about some of the changes she’s seen on The Morning Crew With Hughesy, Ed, and Erin. “How other people treat you has been really interesting to me,” Rebel said.

“When you were bigger, people didn’t always look at you twice. Since my physical condition has improved, folks have offered to carry my groceries and open doors for me. I thought, “Is this something that other people go through all the time?”

What has stayed the same? Her sense of self-worth. “I’ve always been pretty sure of myself and I’ve always thought I looked good at all sizes and things,” she said. “So it’s not like I wasn’t sure of myself before and now I’m like, super sure of myself.”

Even so, she’s been more self-assured than usual since starting to work out with her trainer. On Instagram, I share a lot of selfies. You can tell.” “Oh yeah, loving myself,” I told her. “I know I need to take a deep breath about that.”

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: People Have Been “Interesting” to Her Since She Lost Weight!

Rebel won’t stop anytime soon, though. Why should she, anyway? While on vacation, she posted an Instagram picture of herself posing in a one-piece that looked like it was straight out of the gym. She wrote in the photo’s caption, “Palm Beach-ing.” “Right now, I think I want to move to Florida.” She looks right at home on the beach, all set for a fun summer.

Even though she looks great, Rebel isn’t ready to give up just yet. Her “Year of Health” has come to an end, but she’s sticking to the good diet and exercise habits she developed throughout that time.

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