How to Care of Your Phone to Prolong Its Life

Although almost everyone has a phone, the gadget is still considered an expensive luxury. To prolong its life and reduce the likelihood of repair, consider proper care, including timely cleaning of the phone. Unfortunately, taking care of your smartphone often comes down to buying a case and protective glass. How else can we extend the life of the phone and whether it’s necessary to clean the memory on the phone – these questions worry many people.

Let’s find out how you should charge your phone so that the battery lasts longer, how to clean the screen and what software to use.

Taking Care of Your Battery: Charging It Properly

There are many stereotypes about how to charge your phone properly. Some say that after buying the battery should be discharged to zero, and then charged to the maximum. Others recommend using your phone a lot during the day and charging it at night. Others believe that it’s important not to allow the battery to run out completely. In fact, modern technology has long taken into account different ways of using gadgets. And those people who work intensively with the phone, play jouer au blackjack en ligne, or chat with friends for hours using it, and those who use it only for calls, have an equal chance of battery failure.

So how should you charge your phone? Let’s list the basic rules for use:

  • Use quality, preferably original chargers.
  • Don’t connect for charging third-party adapters and cables that are not optimized for recharging the phone.
  • Don’t use faulty chargers, which can not only damage the phone but also create a fire hazardous situation.

You should know that the battery is considered a consumable item. If it fails, you can buy a new one and continue to use your favorite gadget.

Care for the Display: How to Clean Your Smartphone

Everyone tries to follow hand hygiene. Ordinary soap easily destroys dirt, bacteria and germs. In the same way, we need to treat the phone because during the day, we touch it so many times, we put it in different places, we drop it…

How do you clean your phone without damaging it?

  • You don’t have to wipe the screen every time you pick it up. There is no need for special disinfection. You can’t use gel antiseptics, which destroy viruses on the case, penetrate into the connectors for a microphone or headphones and disable the mechanisms. If the problem of germs is so important to you, use ultraviolet lights to disinfect items.
  • There is no need to wipe the screen with wet wipes. After such a wash, it seems cleaner, but later due to the destruction of the oleophobic coating on the display more actively begin to show prints.

So how do you clean your phone? Just wipe it with an eyeglass cloth without using cleaning products.

An interesting fact: people who buy smartphones with IP67/IP68 water resistance try to wash the phones and then dry them on the battery. You can’t do that. The protection is not designed for scrubbing with a brush, wiping with soap and rinsing under the pressure of water. This protection only guarantees the serviceability of the cell phone in case of accidental fall into a puddle, bath or river with the further rapid removal.

Use Original Software

When the phone begins to work slowly, programs freeze, and the call can not be answered immediately, users begin to wonder how to clear the memory on the phone, so it would accelerate. Interestingly, clogged RAM isn’t always the cause of lags. Often using the wrong software is to blame.

It isn’t recommended to download apps from unverified sources. There is no need to reinstall the system, if there is no apparent reason. You don’t need to put the requested updates on hold, and then your phone will work correctly.

General Operating Tips

Besides the main topics on how to charge or clean your phone without negative consequences, there are many secondary rules, they should be known and followed.

  • Don’t put the gadget in direct sunlight, don’t take it to the sauna or the sauna, don’t put it on the battery.
  • Don’t throw the phone (even on a soft surface), otherwise, you might damage the camera unit.
  • Don’t place the phone on the bottom of your bag if there is a chance of it being crushed by something heavy.

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