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Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/16/17: WOTUS Jurisdiction & Venue; Arbitration Bars; Deference without Deference; Mandatory Duties & Remedies; Regulatory Accountability Act Reprise; Expedited Removal and Cubans; Good Cause Overdose & Communicable Disease Incaution

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The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) added to its argument calendar Friday, including several that could implicate future regulatory practice – including jurisdiction to review regulations and the potential scope of arbitration-limiting regulations.  In lesser lights, a Court of Appeals determined that an agency’s interpretation was correct without the agency, while a district court imposed… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/5/15: Ozone Standards Authority; Toxic Spent Munitions; FLSA Home Care Regulations; Medicaid Hospital Limits FAQ; & Immigration Executive Action

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Welcome to 2015, the fourth year of the Federal Regulations Advisor.  Two short holiday workweeks are compiled today in one loaded post.  The agencies may have been (largely) quiet, but the courts provided grist for the mill.  The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit vacated parts of the Environmental Protection… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 10/13/14: Hobby Lobby Implementation; Jumping the Gun on a Final Rule; Extended Waters of the United States; and EPA Rules to Watch

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Two highly technical cases from the past week illustrate the complexity of invoking federal jurisdiction to challenge administrative action:  one, a failure to sufficiently allege that the harm was imposed by the governmental action and is redressable by the court, and the other an attempt to enforce an interpretation of potentially conflicting statues that would… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 5/7/12

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Regulations:  In candor, but with no surprise, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) published a notice delaying the effective date of its Posting Rule, which required “posting” of the NLRB-generated notice of employee rights and specifying that failure to do so was an unfair labor practice, “until further notice.”  The United States Court of Appeals… Continue Reading