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Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/23/17: Transition Continuity of Operations; Stream Protection Suit 2 & RFS Mandatory Duty Suit

Posted in Judicial Process, Regulatory Process

The first Monday and official workday of a new Administration presents a challenge – agencies have been instructed to hold all regulations for the moment pending further review; implementation will take some time.  On the other hand, a suit to enjoin the prior Administration’s stream protection rule and to compel an agency to consult with… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/16/17: WOTUS Jurisdiction & Venue; Arbitration Bars; Deference without Deference; Mandatory Duties & Remedies; Regulatory Accountability Act Reprise; Expedited Removal and Cubans; Good Cause Overdose & Communicable Disease Incaution

Posted in Judicial Process, Judicial Review & Remedies, Legislation, Regulatory Process

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) added to its argument calendar Friday, including several that could implicate future regulatory practice – including jurisdiction to review regulations and the potential scope of arbitration-limiting regulations.  In lesser lights, a Court of Appeals determined that an agency’s interpretation was correct without the agency, while a district court imposed… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 10/24/16: Nondiscretionary Employment Analysis; Discretionary Dismissal Remand; Long-Term Care Arbitration & Immigration Fees, Budgets, and Policy

Posted in Agency Authority, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Flexibility & Small Business

In two very different cases, one district court found that an agency has a nondiscretionary duty to conduct detailed analysis under a statute in taking many different actions, while another district court found that an agency erred in dismissing an appeal because it misinterpreted its own regulations as mandatory when they were clearly discretionary.  An… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 11/4/13

Posted in Agency Authority, Executive - OMB Review, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA) remained in the spotlight last week with visible website problems and individual non-conforming insurance policy cancellations, but here the issues are more distinct:  the growing intercircuit conflict over the contraceptives mandate under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and adoption of a new “hardship” exemption… Continue Reading