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Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 4/10/17: Gorsuch to SCOTUS while SCOTUS Denies WOTUS Abeyance; Implementing Regulatory Reform Memorandum & Administrator Nominee; and Plain Snakes Not InterSTATE Shipments

Posted in Judicial Process, Regulatory Process

Unsurprising, the Senate confirmed a new Justice last Friday while the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) he is about to join continued adjudicating a minimal regulatory law docket, at least rejecting the notion that it should stay one case where the new Administration seeks to modify the underlying rule.  At the other end of Pennsylvania… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 3/13/17: Unified Agenda Data Call; Rare Earth Magnet Exit; Regulatory Defense Jitters & Disapproval Resolutions

Posted in Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Flexibility & Small Business, Regulatory Process

The Administration attempts to move toward a normal flow in the regulatory process as the docket thaws ever so slightly and it instructs agencies on the process of establishing their regulatory agendas.  Old regulations, however, sometimes die ignominious deaths, such as removal from the Code of Federal Regulations after vacatur, while others fate is so… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/16/17: WOTUS Jurisdiction & Venue; Arbitration Bars; Deference without Deference; Mandatory Duties & Remedies; Regulatory Accountability Act Reprise; Expedited Removal and Cubans; Good Cause Overdose & Communicable Disease Incaution

Posted in Judicial Process, Judicial Review & Remedies, Legislation, Regulatory Process

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) added to its argument calendar Friday, including several that could implicate future regulatory practice – including jurisdiction to review regulations and the potential scope of arbitration-limiting regulations.  In lesser lights, a Court of Appeals determined that an agency’s interpretation was correct without the agency, while a district court imposed… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 12/19/16: Continuing Reporting Obligations; Litigation Risk & Process Speed; FAR Injunction Notice, Land Use Planning and Plans & a Programming Note

Posted in Agency Authority, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

With the 30-day deadline for making rules effecting during the current Administration fast approaching (Wednesday), agencies took a number of actions that raise concerns – or at least perceived concerns.  One final rule challenges a court determination of the agency’s authority, while another agency took pains to adopt an interim rule on a not-very-controversial subject. … Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 10/17/16: Mortgage Lending Enforcement Failure; Labor Complaints Contract Clause & Pipeline Emergency Confusion

Posted in Constitutional Issues in Regulations, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

A major loss for the Administration’s policy occurred last week in the failure of a most significant enforcement of post-mortgage-crisis legislation, but not in the organic constitutional way that garnered much attention, but rather in the field of specific rights and administrative law.  A new challenge was filed to another Administration signature regulation – in… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review –12/15/14: FLSA Security Screenings; NLRB Elections Rule; Contractor Rehab Act Rule; Contractor Inversions & Minimum Wage Rules

Posted in Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Flexibility & Small Business, Regulatory Process

For some reason, today seems to be Labor Day – that is, all of the significant actions we cover deal with the regulation of employment of some type.  Today focuses on two rules of general applicability and three rules dealing with employment requirements of government contractors.  The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) surprised many with… Continue Reading

Economically Significant: A Threshold Shapshot of OMB’s Regulatory Docket

Posted in Regulatory Process

The term “economically significant” has a distinct meaning in the regulatory process and is the source of much angst for agencies and regulated industries.  “Economically significant” is not a legal term, however, but a management term – one of several thresholds for triggering review of a proposed or final rule by the Office of Management… Continue Reading

The Need to Know About Executive Orders: Much Ado About … Cybersecurity

Posted in Agency Authority, Constitutional Issues in Regulations

“Executive Orders” will never be confused with Shakespeare, but they are often worth reading for political theater.  The real question is not their literary or entertainment value, but what they really do.  President Obama’s (aka POTUS) recent Executive Order 13,636: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity provides a good example of what an executive order can and… Continue Reading