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Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 5/8/17: Appropriations Impact on Regulations; Pending Disapproval; Legislation Repealing Regulation; WOTUS Reconsideration; Contraceptive Mandate Reconsideration; & Compliance Extension Good Cause

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Regulatory practice last week presented a number of different Congressional interventions – from the complexity of a Consolidated Appropriation for the remainder of the fiscal year, to disapproval of a regulation under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), to a direct legislative vitiation of a final rule.  The Administration took two different steps toward reconsideration of… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 5/1/17: Clean Power Plan & Mercury Holds; Litigation Choice & Appropriation Limitation; and Complicated Executive and Interagency Reviews

Posted in Executive - OMB Review, Judicial Process, Regulatory Process

Litigation over two more major rules was put on hold last week, leaving little actual litigation over past Administration rules proceeding – with small exceptions that may be short lived.  At the same time, one court of appeals recognized the reality of appropriations effectively limiting agency discretion – particularly when court orders have consumed limited… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 5/30/16: Agency Delays and Judicial Remands; Gender Guidelines Complaint; Fiduciary Rule Joint Disapproval Disapproval; Education Accountability Accountability & Fueling Renewable Fuels

Posted in Executive - OMB Review, Judicial Process, Judicial Review & Remedies, Legislation, Regulatory Flexibility & Small Business, Regulatory Process

The long-running saga of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) attempts to provide diversity in the broadcast industry pushed forward by a court last week.  Another court, however, faces the daunting task of sorting out whether a high-profile “Dear Colleague” “guidance” letter actually constitutes a rule that the agency must promulgate through Administrative Procedure Act (APA)… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 4/18/16: Immigration Injury Costs & Regulation; FLSA Exemption Definition; Contraceptive Accommodation Remedies; Post Hoc Appropriate and Necessary Notice; Respirable Silica Consolidated; CFPB Appointment & Ratification; and Petitions, Delay & Funding Bars

Posted in Agency Authority, Judicial Process, Judicial Review & Remedies

Springtime means the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will be busy and they are not alone.  SCOTUS will hear argument in immigration policy and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulatory cases this week, and may consider responses to SCOTUS’ remedies question in the conflict between a regulatory contraceptive mandate and statutory religious rights.  Other highlights… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 2/15/16: Scalia Passing; Clean Power Plan Stayed; Mandamus, Compulsion, Deadlines, and Escalations; & Light Bulb and Computer Efficiency

Posted in Judicial Process, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

No event in regulatory practice last week comes near in importance to the sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) did take the unusual step of granting a stay of the Administration’s signature environmental efforts pending resolution of litigation in the court of appeals and potentially before it. The United… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 1/11/16: Firearms Executive Action; IRS Withdrawal & Petition Petition Jurisdiction

Posted in Agency Authority, Judicial Process, Regulatory Process

The President of the United States (POTUS) dominated regulatory affairs last week by announcing firearms executive actions and the devil, as always, is in the details. Two other actions at least deserve a mention – the appropriate withdrawal of a contentious proposed rule that simply did not work and the dismissal of a complaint in… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 3/10/14: Obamacare Delays & Exceptions; Regulatory Budget; & EPA Tier 3 Vehicle Emissions

Posted in Regulatory Process

Last week heard significant noise in the regulatory world with very little actual substantive movement.  The key events were a further delay in the Obamacare revision of insurance plans, while, at the same time, finality on some large employer insurance requirements.  Obamacare reporting reflected a larger sweep of regulatory budgeting – more funds swept (or… Continue Reading

POTUS Issues New Climate Change Executive Order – Agenda for Preparing

Posted in Agency Authority

The White House released President Obama’s new Executive Order: Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change, on November 1.  Politicians, pundits, and the press either immediately overheated pro or con or totally ignored the release.  As with many such Executive Orders, pronouncements by the President of the United States (POTUS) do not… Continue Reading

Monday Morning Regulatory Review – 10/14/13

Posted in Agency Authority, Executive - OMB Review, Judicial Review & Remedies, Regulatory Process

The government shutdown – now in its 14th day – should leave little for a blog on federal regulations, but not quite so.  Admittedly, the weekly scour has become more complicated, but much fodder remains to be chewed.  A brief look at the state of the process reveals agencies like the Federal Reserve Bank and… Continue Reading

Rule-Related Limits in Appropriations: A Viable Congressional Review Act

Posted in Constitutional Issues in Regulations, Legislation

Ilyse Schuman recently reported in the Employment Law Update that the House Appropriations Committee had approved FY2013 funding, and filed a report, for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  She focused on the catch that “none of the funds made available in this Act” can be used to implement the EEOC’s Disparate Impact and Reasonable… Continue Reading