How To Get More Followers On Instagram

There’s a seemingly endless number of reasons to want more followers on Instagram. Maybe you’re running a business, and you would like more people to click on your website and buy your products. Perhaps you’re a creator or influencer, and you know that your voice needs to be heard by more people.

No matter the situation, it’s always good to have more Instagram followers. They’re great for brand awareness and having more followers means more engagement with your posts. Plus, an account with 100,000 followers grows much faster than an account with 100 followers.

So how do you start getting more followers on Instagram? And more importantly, what are the big brands doing to get more engagement? Let’s take a look at the best way to grow your followers naturally.

Upgrade Your Editing

If you clicked on this article, you’re probably familiar with the default instagram template maker. This is what you see when you select a photo to post on your account before being prompted to type in a caption.

While it may have an extensive collection of trendy filters and quick editing choices, you should be editing your photos on other platforms before they’re posted to Instagram.

What does this have to do with Instagram followers? It’s up to you! What kind of editing would make your followers more engaged in your posts? Maybe you should add captions or other text to your photos. Perhaps you should create some sort of layout for your filters. The possibilities are endless!

Give Yourself The Perfect Bio

It’s not uncommon to overlook that short section of words at the top of your profile. After all, there’s nothing groundbreaking about writing a few words, right?

Wrong! Your bio is the last thing people see before they decide to follow you or not. It’s the ultimate chance to convince people that you have an enjoyable, engaging story that is worth following.

The actual text in your bio is up to you and should be based on how you want to appear to your audience. For example, if you want to seem easygoing, try adding some emojis and create a bio that invites people to join. You could also give them a call to action, asking them to visit your webpage or DM you.

Collaborate With Others

Social media is all about being social; it’s even in the name! Accounts that frequently engage with other accounts build a strong community of users. This is favorable to the Instagram algorithm.

In the world of social media, things can go viral overnight. Most people are following hundreds (or even thousands) of other people. So if you manage to get shared or tagged by a few accounts, you could potentially be getting millions of free profile visits in a short matter of time.

Networking is a great business practice regardless of the industry, and it’s the key to success on social media.

Seek Real Content For Real Followers

These days, everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to build a follower base fast. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that there is no magic solution to solve this problem.

Large social media platforms like Instagram work very hard to reward new and original content over cheap, follower-hungry posts. Unfortunately, about a million and a half people are churning out bad content in a hasty, unorganized manner. To stick out, you need to be original and create content that your followers will like.

The process of making quality content comes from defining your audience. For example, who is the average fan of your posts? How old are they? What are their interests?

After you define your average fan, experiment with your posts. Every once in a while, you’ll release something that gets popular. Some posts will get much more engagement than others. According to Forbes, social media posts, including videos receive twice as many comments as posts without videos. See what your followers like and post accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The best way to gain followers is to have fun with your Instagram. When you’re passionate about your Instagram posts and engage with your followers frequently, you’re bound to be successful. Know your audience well, and people will start to catch onto your posts. Good luck!

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