Inside the Dangerous Tiktok Fake Known as the “Skeleton Brunch” Craze!

With the exception of the fact that it does not actually exist, a new TikTok craze has emerged: the “Skeleton Brunch.” Despite the fact that there have been several tweets about the trend, which has become a sensation, there are no TikToks that are truly dedicated to the fake trend.

Pictures of frightening skeletons seated around a table filled with brunch fare are being shared on Twitter by fans everywhere. TikTok searches for ‘Skeleton Brunch’ but only returns outdated videos of Halloween-themed brunches when the term is typed into the search field.

What Is the ‘skeleton Brunch’ Tiktok Trend?

This skeleton has been brought out of the closet.

The “Skeleton Brunch” is the latest TikTok craze that never ever existed before. Despite the fact that “Skeleton Brunch” has been referenced in tweets and that global media sites have attempted to explain the phenomenon, there are no TikToks dedicated to the fictitious trend.

A search for “Skeleton Brunch” on Twitter yields only old videos of Halloween-themed brunches, while a similar search on TikTok yields only videos of skeletons seated around a table equipped with brunch foods.

In actuality, it appears that some on the internet have banded together to make posers look stupid for claiming to be up to date with the latest developments.

An altered photo posted by @meowmeowmeuw depicts an alleged Rudy Giuliani Twitter direct message asking someone to “Skeleton Brunch?” before answering, “Wrong person. Rudy.” Ignore.”

In yet another bogus image sent on Twitter by @ProtonInspector, a headline seemed to read, in part, “Julia Fox claims Kanye West “wouldn’t allow her to go to skeleton brunch” and that “it just wasn’t going to work for her.”

Some people appeared ready to get in on the funny-bone craze, expressing their excitement about hosting or attending their own “Skeleton Brunch” or “Skeleton Breakfast.”

‘We’re completely on board with the #SkeletonBrunch craze! As a matter of fact, we plan to bring him to any #MardiGras2022 celebrations we attend today!” @hauntedafpod tweeted about it.

“Damn, this week has been a drag, but I’m looking forward to skeleton brunch this weekend,” @beeblebronx tweeted.

Several Twitter users have even shared photographs of skeletons who appear to be enjoying a wonderful alcoholic brunch or sipping a cup of coffee, according to the photos.

Even though some internet users are ready to participate in their own version of the campy fad, others are still skeptical of the ridiculousness of such an absurdity in the first place.

“I believe we should make the hashtag #SkeletonBrunch trend until we receive an answer,” @CountPatagium argued on Twitter.

“What the f – – k is skeleton brunch, and I want some,” @zandsthaman tweeted in response to the question.

What exactly is skeleton brunch, said @kaleandcrawfish, pleading with his followers.

“Can you tell me why I’m not getting the Skeleton Brunch TikTok? I’m interested in attending the Skeleton Brunch. Is it possible that my invitation got lost in the mail?” @FriendlyFangs was called into question.

Some have even said that the alleged trend is “hazardous,” which has only added to the general sense of apprehension.

Using a fabricated article headline, a tweet from @DoctorPenisBoob shared an altered photo that appeared to be from stories published in The Post, Insider, and the Sun as far back as 2021. The headlines included “What is ‘Skeleton Brunch,’ and how to know whether your teen is at risk,” and “TikTok warns teens against dangerous ‘Skeleton Brunch’ craze.”

A Twitter user named @bear wrongdoer is being credited with starting the fake fad, as he tweeted on Sunday, “*desperately trying to think of a viral meme voice I’m going to skeleton brunch.”

As a result, their page has been inundated with “Skeleton Brunch”-related tweets and retweets, including one in which they wrote, “Jig is up,” on an article titled “”Skeleton Brunch” Isn’t Real, But Maybe It Should Be.”

According to them, “the only thing better than people screaming ‘what the hell is skeleton brunch’ is people who believe they know what the hell is skeleton brunch,” as they put it on Twitter on Tuesday.

When someone inquired as to what they were missing, @bear wrongdoer quickly responded, “It’s nothing, it’s not a real trend at all, it’s just saying skeleton brunch,” and then on to explain further.

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It’s worth noting that even if people aren’t actively partaking in “Skeleton Brunch,” the flow of tweets and general intrigue surrounding the concept might be considered a trend in and of itself.

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