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What Does the Letter AMOS Meaning Tiktok?

AMOS Meaning Tiktok

If you wish to use TikTok, you must be familiar with the myriad abbreviations and slang terms that are used, or you will always feel left out and clueless.

Here is the complete version of AMOS, which will help you understand the meaning of the acronym better. However, you should continue to use Hashtag Hyena to keep up with the current TikTok language and terminology.

Add me on Snapchat” (AMOS) is an initialism that stands for “add me on Snapchat,” which is a phrase that is used to request that others add you as a buddy on the social networking app Snapchat.

On Tiktok, What Does AMOS Mean?

Here is the most straightforward description that we were able to find on Urban Dictionary.

Add Me On Snapchat
girl or guy looking for someone to hit them up
posted on some form of social media
“AMOS” 🙂
by yepliketheriver November 15, 2016

Add Me On Snapchat

Add me on Snapchat
Aye girl Amos, u getting dick pics tonight
by Emerryan February 21, 2017

Abbreviation for “Add Me On Snapchat”
Amos: user12345
*insta story: pic captioned “Amos: user12345”
by Sir Barks Alot April 16, 2017

What is AMOS used for?

People’s bios on prominent social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok frequently use the word “AMOS.” As well as through social media (status updates, tweets, captions, etc.). Text messages can also make use of it.

The following platforms and locations make use of AMOS:

How is AMOS used?

You can use AMOS to encourage others to follow you on Snapchat. When a new user joins Snapchat for the first time, they are more likely to utilize this option (or create another account).

Is the name AMOS uttered by anyone?
Unless they’re referring to someone named Amos, I don’t think so.

AMOS Can Take on Additional Full Forms.

Awkward Moment Of Silence
1) “We totally had an AMOS…”
2) Type it on a failed status update with no comment
by Timziski June 08, 2011

Awkward Moment Of Silence
When you tell your friends how a date or when you randomly met a chiq/guy…” we totally had an AMOS”
Guy:” so how have you been lately?”
Girl: good, bla bla bla bla bla
“you both laugh”
Guy: sooo….=p
by Timziski June 21, 2011

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