Jesse Williams Girlfriend: Are Taylor and Jesse Williams Still Together? Is Jesse Williams Now Dating Someone?

Jesse Williams has played Dr. Jackson Avery, the son of renowned surgeon Dr. Catherine Fox, in Grey’s Anatomy for 12 seasons. After so many seasons on the program, Dr. Avery’s part has officially been cast aside, but the actor has left a lasting impression on the show.

Over his time on the program, Jesse has not only been an actor but an executive producer as well, having directed several episodes.

It appears that Jesse’s real-life romances are as nasty as Jackson’s on Grey’s Anatomy, based on his difficult divorce.

Who Is the Girlfriend of Actor Jesse Williams?

So it comes as no surprise that he has been an integral part of our lives as Jackson since 2009. Jesse, on the other hand, is now in a relationship with a woman he’s been with for three years.

Jesse and Taylor Paige made their romance public in May 2019 by uploading a picture of them together on the red carpet.

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Who Is Taylour Paige?

You may recognize Taylor from her role as Ahsha Hayes on VH1’s hit show Hit the Floor. High School Musical 3 and Usher’s “She Came to Give It to You” music video are among her other acting credits (she played a character called Emma). She and Jesse are most likely to have met here. Cute!

Since she was a little girl, Taylor has loved to dance. As a professional ballet dancer, she trained under Debbie Allen, a well-known choreographer.

Taylor joined the LA Laker Girls cheering squad in 2010, but she only stayed for three months before heading off to college. Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

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Jesse Williams’ Ex-wife’s Name Is?

Jesse and Aryn Drake-Lee have two children, Sadie and Maceo, in 2012. In 2017, the pair split up. According to Oprah Magazine, Aryn was a very successful real estate broker. Currently, Aryn and her best friend Trian Long-Smith are co-hosting a podcast called BBSARETRASH (Babies Are Trash).

At the beginning of the divorce process in May 2019, Aryn told People, “I had two breastfeeding infants, and I am the one who ran our home for the 14-and-a-half year period that he and I were together in the same house.”

In terms of our children, she said, “I realized that I didn’t have much space to fall, even if I was falling.” “As for the creation of the enterprises that we founded together when I left my profession in New York for us to travel to California to pursue his,” she said.

When it came to her connection with Jesse, Aryn was frank for the first time. Rumors circulated that Jesse was having an affair with Minka Kelly (who he subsequently had a brief relationship with) and that the two had a long custody dispute.

Co-parenting seemed to be working for Jesse and his ex-wife after they finalized their divorce in late 2020 and agreed on custody conditions (in which Jesse was sentenced to pay $40,000 a month in child support).

According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple was required to attend a “high-conflict parenting program” in April 2021 as part of their agreement in order to lessen the stress that a separation might impose on children.

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Since their split, Taylor has already started a new relationship.

Why does this renowned partnership have to call it quits in the world if the narrative of their first encounter was so nice and romantic?

Furthermore, Taylor was recently photographed getting intimate with singer Kane Ritchotte, just two months after they broke up. She even shared a photo of themselves together on Kane’s Instagram account.

Both Jesse and Taylor, however, aren’t forthcoming about the separation. That’s a shame, given how sweet their initial encounter was and how they were each other’s perfect complements for the next three years. It was kept a secret from everyone.

Many people began to wonder about their breakup since they kept it so quiet. Because Taylor was able to overcome the split in a short period of time, some thought she was cheating on her ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Jesse hasn’t moved from where he is right now. We shouldn’t be accusing them of anything since they haven’t talked about it.

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Minka Kelly and Jesse Williams Are a Power Couple

It was just a few months after Jesse’s divorce from Aryn that Minka and Jesse started dating. However, as a result of this, many people assumed that Jesse’s infidelity with Minka was to blame for the end of Aryn and Jesse’s marriage.

Despite being Aryn’s spouse and father of two, several media outlets claimed that he and Aryn had been together for a long time.

One of their Instagram followers commented on something that went under Minka’s skin. In the post, “I hope the allegations of infidelity aren’t accurate. It’d be a letdown,”

“They’re not,” Minka shot back, her voice brimming with venom. I don’t want you to be let down. Thanks for letting me know. “F**k off, now.” She sounded very heartbroken, to be honest.

Even Minka wasn’t happy with what happened. Even Jesse spoke out against this, and he was visibly distraught as well.

Jesse Displayed His Angry Outbursts in Public

Apparently, Minka wasn’t the only one who felt the need to vent. Even Jesse brought up the subject, expressing his own displeasure.

“I had a relationship at the time.” Thirteen years. After 13 years of marriage – the most painful experience of my life, like with a person I’ve loved with all my heart – and now motherf***ers are writing articles about how I threw a 13-year relationship out the window because a girl I work with is cute,” said Jesse in an appearance on JAY-mini-documentary Z’s Footnotes for 4: A Love Story.

Even though Jesse and Minka were upset by the never-ending rumor, their relationship didn’t work out. After barely a few months of dating, the couple called it quits in January of 2018. Jesse’s history was difficult for them to deal with as a relationship for reasons that are still unclear.

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