Charlie Puth Ex Girlfriends: Is Charlie Puth in a Relationship? Does Charlie Puth Have a Girlfriend in the Year 2021?

Charlie Puth is well-known for more than just his music; he’s also had a few high-profile relationships. A number of high-profile celebrities have been connected to the New Jersey native since the release of his first track, “Marvin Gaye,” featuring Meghan Trainor.

Billie Eilish and Charlie Puth are said to be friends. How They Went From Potentially Being a Scorned Group to a Hugely Favored One

After they locked lips on stage at the 2015 American Music Awards, many began to wonder whether he and Meghan were just friends or something more. Despite reports of a romantic connection, Charlie has since clarified their passionate kiss.

The singer told USA Today in November 2015 that she and Meghan “are good enough friends that we can joke about it today.” In the beginning, “Holy shit, what did we just do?” was our first reaction.”

I don’t want people to get the incorrect impression about my current relationship with a female that I’m keeping quiet about. But I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Meghan’s first prodding. Meghan’s inclusion on my first album was a huge boost for me.

“I didn’t realize people would worry about my lips on my friend’s lips so much,” Charlie said as he recalled the events leading up to their kiss.

Charlie Puth Ex Girlfriends: Is Charlie Puth in a Relationship? Does Charlie Puth Have a Girlfriend in the Year 2021?

It was one of the most significant live performances for us when we did it in front of an audience. We need to figure out a way to visually convey this in the same way that the video did,” he said to the newspaper.

‘Should we kiss?’ we asked each other.” “It was strange at first since Meghan is like my closest friend, but it contributed something to the visual aspect of the performance, which was crucial because America was watching,” says Meghan.

In addition to Meghan, Charlie has been connected to a number of other duet partners. With “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” their 2016 single, people were persuaded that he was dating Selena Gomez.

He has recently addressed this. In the past, the singer of “See You Again” has been associated with a number of other celebrities, including Charlotte Lawrence, Bella Thorne, and Halston Sage.

All the well-known people who have spoken up about their scars and the story behind them.

Celebrities Who Have Spoken Up About the Events Leading Up to Their Scars

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After working with Jade Thirlwall on the song “Oops,” he admits to developing a crush on her.

“Jade and I watched a few episodes of The X Factor. Charli said on the “Bizarre Life” podcast in November 2017 that she had found out about her friend’s romantic life “that night”.

It was when I was on stage performing with them that I saw Jade’s sexiness. She’s gorgeous, but alas, she’s already committed. The fact that she’s pleased with her relationship makes me happy.

See All of Charlie’s Past Relationships in Our Photo Gallery

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Selena Gomez Is an American Singer and Songwriter

The relationship between Charlie and Selena was revealed to be short-lived in 2016

According to him, “I don’t kiss and tell,” but the only way for a song like that to come off as authentic is if there’s something more going on behind the scenes. This was the case with Gomez as well.

Selena Gomez

Though it was brief in existence and little in size, it had a significant influence. As a result, it had a profound effect on my life. It was a delight to work with her since she brought out so much passion in the song. Even though it was written at a time when I was at a low place in my life, I still like singing it.

Thorne, Bella

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The two were seen together on a Miami beach in December of last year. Charlie apologized to Bella’s ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey, whom the singer had mistakenly believed she was still seeing at the time, on Twitter. Later that year, Bella corrected herself on the Jenny McCarthy Show.

Bella Thorne

“Honestly, Ty and I broke up, and it was incredibly hard for me,” the Disney alum said. One of the most difficult breakups I’ve ever had to deal with. Everything has been exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Even though we were kissing, we weren’t in that picture. That picture gives the impression that we’re going to kiss, but we’re not.

After “The Originals” ended in 2018, this is what the cast has been up to since then.

Danielle Campbell

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He appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2017 and stated that he was “in a relationship” but “done dating people in public” after the Bella saga broke out.

Danielle Campbell

After the interview, Charlie uploaded a FaceTiming shot with the actress, which he swiftly erased, to the delight of followers. Rumors of a relationship between the two were never made public.

Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence

It was revealed that Charlie and the model were dating on February 14th, 2019, in a post on Valentine’s Day. According to an Instagram post in June 2020, Charlie wrote: “I’m single if you’re wondering,” which was followed by a video.

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