Who is Rick Rubin Wife? Where Are They Living Nowadays?

In this post, we will talk about the famous producer Rick Rubin’s age, relationships, family, and other facts. Keep reading until you get to the end for more information.

Who is Rick Rubin?

The American record producer Frederick Jay Rubin used to be co-president of Columbia Records. He and Russell Simmons started Def Jam Recordings together. He also started American Recordings. Rubin helped make hip hop music popular by working with groups like the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Geto Boys, and Run-DMC.

He also worked with some of the best-selling artists in heavy metal (Danzig, Slayer, System of a Down, and Metallica), alternative rock (The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and The Cult), and country music (Johnny Cash, The Chicks).

MTV called him “the most important producer of the last 20 years” in 2007, and Time named him one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” that same year.

Early Years of Rick Rubin

He was born in Long Beach, New York, and grew up in the nearby town of Lido Beach. His father, Michael (Mickey), was a wholesaler of shoes, and his mother, Linda, stayed home to take care of him.

As a student at Long Beach High School, he became friends with Steve Freeman, who ran the school’s audiovisual department. Freeman taught him how to play the guitar and write songs.

Then, he played in a band with his childhood friends Marc Greenhut, Carlos Ferreiro, and Joey Ferrante. They played garage and school shows for town friends until a teacher helped him start a punk band called The Pricks.

Their biggest claim to fame was getting kicked off the stage at CBGB after only two songs because they got into a fight with the heckling crowd. The fight was started by band members’ friends who were told to do it to get the show shut down and make a stir.

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Even though he had no power in New York City, Rubin’s father wore his Long Beach auxiliary police uniform and went from Nassau County, New York, to Manhattan to try to “shut down” the show.

Who is the Wife of Rick Rubin?

When you work in the entertainment industry, your personal life is put at risk, and private things often make the news. On the other hand, some celebrities are able to keep their family and personal problems out of the spotlight. Rick Rubin is the stage name of Fredrick Jay Rubin, who used to be a co-president of Columbia Records.Rick Rubin Wife

The eight-time Grammy winner has a girlfriend and a son, but the press doesn’t talk much about them. Mourielle Hurtado Herrera, who used to be an actress and model but is now a farmer, is married to Rubin. Ra is their son or daughter.

Rubin Became a Father for the First Time When He Was 54 Years Old

The famous record producer has a long list of work responsibilities that never ends. He has had trouble balancing work and life. He has a good relationship with his girlfriend, Murielle Hurtado Herrera, though. Herrera used to be a model and an actress, but now she runs a farm in Malibu.

Since 2010, the couple has been together. In February 2017, they had their first child, a baby boy. They haven’t said the baby’s name yet. We don’t know much about the baby, but we did see his cute face when Rubin and his family were seen at LAX in July of the same year getting on a flight.

Rubin Lives With His Fiancee and Their Son in Malibu

The famous artist lives with his family in his mansion, which he calls his “Malibu Oasis.” The mid-century ranch-style house, which was built in 1965, used to belong to a family that was not well-known.

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Since Rubin bought the house, though, it has become one of the most talked-about celebrity homes. The mansion, which is 2298 square feet, is worth $8.1 million.

After buying his family home in 2011, Rubin spent ten years making sure everything was just right. He had to make sure that his family, especially their growing baby, was comfortable. The house is a great place for his “celebrity wife” partner and their young child to relax and feel at home.

They also have luncheons and get-togethers with close friends and family at their homes. But how did a busy record producer make sure that he and his family had a nice place to live? In the 1990s, Rubin went to Malibu often and stayed in the house he had rented for more than a decade.Rick Rubin Wife

Later, he decided to stay in the area for good because he loved the way it felt. After his lease ended in 2005, he bought a 1-acre piece of land and decided to stay in the city for good.

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Aside from this property, he had also bought two others in nearby Malibu, but Woolsey’s terrible fire in 2018 destroyed them. Reports say that one of his employees, Sean G, stayed at the scene and watered the area to keep the house from getting damaged.


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