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Who is Frank Lucas Wife? Why Was She Sentenced to Prison?

Frank Lucas Wife

In this article, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Frank Lucas and his wife, such as their relationship status, their kids, and why they broke up. So, keep reading until the end to find out more.

Who is Frank Lucas?

Frank Lucas was an American drug dealer who worked in Harlem, New York City, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was known for buying heroin straight from the source in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle instead of going through middlemen.

In the 2007 biographical movie American Gangster, Lucas says that he sold heroin using the coffins of American soldiers who had died in battle. This is not true, says Leslie “Ike” Atkinson, who works with him in Southeast Asia.

Lucas was found guilty of drug trafficking in 1976 and sentenced to seventy years in prison. After he turned informant, he and his family were put in the Witness Protection Program.

Who is Frank Lucas’s Wife?

Before he died in 2019, Frank Lucas told a lot about his early life. He says that he started doing bad things after the KKK killed his cousin and he had to find a way to support his family in, anyway he could. Less is known about Frank Lucas’s wife, though.

Julianna Farrait, Frank Lucas’s wife, was born in Puerto Rico around 1941. For the first part of her life, she was mostly unknown. When she met Frank on a flight from Puerto Rico to New York, everything changed.

In his autobiography, Original Gangster: The Real Life Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Drug Lords, Frank wrote, “Cute girl, too.” “Every time I turned around to look at her, she was always smiling. I didn’t need another clue.”

When they talked, they both realised they were interested in each other. They got married in 1967, and in 1985, their daughter Francine was born.

In 2007, Julie Lucas told the Village Voice, “The first time I met Frank, I was completely taken aback by his confidence and coolness.” “He was a very confident man, which I really liked. And I still do.”

Frank and Julie Lucas, on the other hand, came from very different places. Julie was pretty, but she didn’t like fancy things. She had been homecoming queen, not Miss Puerto Rico, as the movie says.

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Frank wrote, “I liked Julie, but she was from the country.” “She wasn’t amazing in any way. Her clothes were boring and plain, and they weren’t made very well. I had to fix her up so that she could pass for Frank Lucas’ wife.”

Frank was almost done building his drug empire when they got married. Soon, he would start bringing his “Blue Magic” heroin from southeast Asia to Harlem. The business was so profitable that Frank later said he could make $1 million a day.

Soon, Julie Lucas would know how to dress to “look like the wife of a kingpin.” But Frank and Julie’s love of flashy, expensive clothes would also be their undoing.

Who Is Julianna Farrait?

Julianna Farrait, who goes by the name Julie Farrait, is the wife of the late drug dealer and gangster Frank Lucas. She was born in Puerto Rico in 1941, and she will be around 80 years old in 2021.

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Farrait didn’t start getting attention from the media until she got married to Lucas. She hasn’t said anything about her childhood. She hasn’t said much about her parents or her relationship with them, other than the fact that she grew up in Puerto Rico.

The Demise of Frank Lucas

Sadly, Julianna’s husband is no longer in existence. He reportedly passed away in Cedar Grove, New Jersey on May 30, 2019. The man was 88 years old at the time. Prior to his passing, he was confined to a wheelchair due to a car accident.

How Many Children Do Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas Have?

Julianna is the mother of six children, Frank Lucas Jr., Francine Lucas-Sinclair, Candace Lucas, Ray Lucas, Ruby Lucas, Betty Lucas, and Tony Walters, in case you were unaware. All of her children were born in her marriage to Frank.

All of her children are now adults, and thankfully none of them is involved in criminal activity because the couple always kept them away from their business. In addition, their eldest son Frank Lucas Jr. is already an actor and has acted in films and television series such as Night Bird and Tonight’s the Night.

Similarly, one of her daughters oversees Yellow Brick Roads, a non-profit organisation that cares for children whose parents are incarcerated.

Why She Was Arrested?

Julianna began trafficking drugs after meeting her now-deceased husband Frank. Additionally, she has spent multiple prison sentences for the same reason. Her most recent arrest occurred in 2010 when she was caught selling 2 kg of cocaine in a Puerto Rico hotel.

According to accounts, on May 19, 2010, she was in an Isla Verda hotel room attempting to sell the drugs she was carrying.

However, she was immediately apprehended by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and it was later discovered that she had been under constant surveillance since February 2009 by federal investigators in New York. In February 2012, she was sentenced to five years in jail for her crime.

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In addition to this, she has been arrested on multiple additional occasions, including in 1975. During that time, she was captured with over $500,000 in her New Jersey home after a police raid. According to the reports, the money belonged to Frank, resulting in a 40-year sentence for Lucas and a 5-year sentence for Julianna.


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